Saturday 12 February 2022 –

Saturday 12 February 2022 -

Top and Flop. The facts and heroes of the past few hours. To understand what happened on this Saturday 12 February 2022 and what awaits us

Top and Flop. The facts and heroes of the past few hours. To understand what happened on this Saturday 12 February 2022 and what awaits us.


Mario Draghi

mario dragio

The parties that have been forced to support him as prime minister have blocked his way to Quirinale out of jealousy, mediocrity and fear of not counting anything anymore. Mario Draghi hasn’t forgotten this and now he knows who he can (very little) trust and how much he can’t (vast majority).

So he decided to change his attitude: No relaxation. to nobody. Those who want to remain in the government should raise their hand as much as possible. At yesterday’s press conference, the one who asked him about his future commitment to politicsHe answered dryly: “i make it out“. Add: “I have seen many people applying for me in many places around the world. I thank everyone very much for their concern but if by chance I decide to work after this experience, I will get job alone..,,

Pointing out that what is his opinion that who should ensure the government for the country, but is completely incompetent for it. Because in the end Draghi arrived because of the failure of politics, parties and men. This appears to be a year of many events on the part of the government. The acceleration in justice reform is a very clear sign. Mario Draghi, however, will not attend the parties.

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Poisonous anger.

Enrico Letta

Enrico Letta (Photo: Andrea Giannetti / Imagoeconomica)

Democratic Party for several months now It is the first party in any kind of voting. After victories in the autumn administrative offices and maneuvers that led to Mattarella bis in Quirinale, there are now municipal elections everywhere.

but the main It is a question of electoral law. With proportionality, the Democratic Party would be at the center of any sort of balance. Parliamentary. As with the majority, the relationship with Five Star should be defined forever.

In the meantime, however, Enrico Letta is working to broaden the frontiers of alliances. Both inside-left and out of center. And He managed to find a way to communicate with the internal streams Without tears and bad mood. On these assumptions he is already beginning to think about the composition of lists for the Chamber and the Senate.



di mao-raggi

Luigi Di Maio and Virginia Raggi (Photo: Carlo Lanutti / Imagoeconomica)

yesterday’s symbolic scene was Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte hold hands after interview, Along with Alevato who said he never suspected the political leader was Giuseppe Conte.

On this basis, Five Stars has prepared an appeal against the provision of the TAR of Naples which suspended Conte’s leadership. A bad blow for Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and former Rome mayor Virginia RagicWho was probably sitting on the shoulder.

Obviously, though, beyond effective jokes, The political relationship between Conte and Grillo is stronger than it might seem. The fact that the passage appears to have been traced: Giuseppe Conte will remain at the top of the five stars.

Scottish shower,

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Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini (Photo: Vincenzo Livieri / Imagoeconomica)

According to some polls, the league is also in fourth place, behind Pd, Fratelli d’Italia and Cinque Stelle. As part of the majority supporting Mario Draghis Carroccio impresses less and less and Matteo Salvini has succeeded in tarnishing the role of Giancarlo Giorgetti.A loyalist of Mario Draghi.

result: Back in the election, Caporetto in challenge for QuirinaleLoss of leadership at the center – authority, refusal to accept the fact of being in government.

The next administrative election will be fundamental, also for the leadership of Matteo Salvini. Inside Carroccio are the people who are just waiting for this moment To put the topic in a strong way. But the captain pretends that everything is fine.

At the sight of the storm.


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