Schützen writes to Meloni: “We want Tyrolean national teams like Wales and Scotland to compete in all sports”.

Schützen writes to Meloni:

Trento. In recent times, the leaders of the brothers of Italy, Georgia Meloni, was in trento For election rally. on this occasion youAndreas Hofer, representative of the Bund für Tiroli handed them over a memorandum With requests for movement: “We are not afraid to face anyone, not even with extremists who oppose our rights in historic Tyrol.”

The main concern is with what is defined “Progressive Dismantling of Autonomy for the Province of Trento and the Province of Bolzano” With the strong fear that with the nationalist drift, it may be intensified even further”. However, some criticisms are also directed at Austrian government that won’t guarantee necessary protection For the Tyrolean population living in Italy

“It’s not our idea but a sacred democratic right Valid for all citizens of our Tyrolean land” declared the President Alois Wexelberger and the contact person of the Provincial Division of Trento, Max Mateo, who is also the chairman of Schutzenkompany Vigolana.

From the movement dedicated to Hofer they also say that they are concerned about Possible suppression of teaching of local languages and “the increasingly systematic use of the Italian language alone is evident at every level”. In this sense, there would not be enough concern about both the SVP in Bolzano and the federal government in Vienna. “Roman Identity Policy”, Especially in the province of Trento.

Ahab also claims Reunification with all municipalities belonging to historic Tyrolo: in the provinces of Magasa and Valvestino and Belluno and Vicenza in the province of Brescia. Many of the requests contained in the memorandum also state that Establishment of a Tyrolean national team, Based on Scotland and Wales, which would have to be made by athletes from throughout historic Tyrol, To compete in all current game genres.

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