Scores at the end of the Chiefs: Patrick Mahoms’ rally after initial struggle

Scores at the end of the Chiefs: Patrick Mahoms' rally after initial struggle

The Keros City Chiefs remain perfect throughout the season, beating the New England Patriots (2-2) at Arrowhead Stadium, 26-10, to go 4-0 to start 2020. The final score doesn’t paint exactly how close to this picture as it wasn’t exactly an intense night for the defending Super Bowl champions. Still, that was enough to get W.

Patrick Mahoms struggled early, but in the end two back quarters on back-to-back touchdown drives really helped Kansas City to separate from New England, catching up late. Speaking of those patriots, it was a nightmare, as Brian Hoyer took over from Newton, who sat side by side for this matchup after a positive test for Covid-19. He completed touchdowns, peaks and fumbles in just 1 for0 yards from his 1 y pass before being replaced by another 1-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

Both defenses played well in this, as each was able to make a turnover in the first three quarters and allow a combined 16 points, but the offense of Kansas City woke up over time for Bill Belichic and the company out of Ka Belwa. As we put this game in the books, check out the main beds below.

Because Kansas City won

The Chiefs were able to aggressively face a rough start and flip the switch late in the second half. Patrick Mahoms led Kansas City on an 85-yard drive after a flick by third-place defender Brian Hoyer, which resulted in the first touch of the game. That triggered a touch-down drive for Andy Reed’s crime, which was enough to help eliminate the crime of weak patriots for defense. Speaking of that defense, they were able to make four turnovers at night, including a pick-six taken by Tyrone Matthews, to completely erase any talk of a return with Jarrett Stidham under center for the Patriots.

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While it wasn’t one of his strongest performances, Mahoms managed to complete the passing percentage with 236 yards and 65 tuckdowns. He also ran 28 yards. Clyde Edwards-Heller had arguably the best game of his time chasing a rookie, running at 64 y yards and catching all three of his goals for an additional 27 yards.

Why New England lost

The Patriots surprisingly beat themselves – rare for the Bill Belichic team. The first instance came on the game’s opening drive by Kansas City when safety Devin McCorty could be the easiest hurdle to get him into a career. The Chiefs were eventually unable to take full advantage of that missed opportunity but came away with a field goal.

The next two irregularities fell into the hands of Brian Hoyer. With a time ticket halfway through, the Patriots bagged the third -9-9 instead of throwing the starter ball. That left the clock halfway through and the Patriots – who were within the Chiefs 10-yard line – walked away with zero points, forcing all three to hit zero. The nail in the coffin on Hoyer’s night landed on a strip bag that also occurred deep inside the Kansas City area, which then pushed Jarrett Stidham under the center.

The final significant inflow by New England – and the one that eventually proved the difference – was a pass from Stidham that went into the hands of Julian Edelman. P The receiver couldn’t move it forward, the ball was called and picked up by Tyrone Mathieu, who ended it 25 yards into the final zone to give Kendas City a 26-10 lead. It was essentially a ballgame.

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After a rough start to the game, Brian Hoyer seemed to get into a bit of a rhythm in the third quarter. He passed five of his six passes for sixards yards as he led New England offense to the Kansas City five-yard line. At the time, however, Pte quarterback made his second turnover in the game, slipping on Kansas City’s 16-yard line.

The Chiefs were processed to go on a healing-play, 85-yard drive, which led to the Tyrick Hill Touchdown Reception. Hoyer was replaced by Stidham on the next drive to Nude England.

Play the game

When the Patriots were at the end of the game, Jarrett Stidham arguably threw the night: Fed N’Kill Harry in the end zone corner for the game’s team’s first touchdown. That benched Brian Hoyer, who sought to get some credit for the lack of Rebs he had received throughout the week, was on Steamdham’s first drive. He finished with just a touchdown and two interruptions, passing just 60 yards, but it could be a small flash of potential long distance.

Damien Harris’s 41-yard rush on this drive also deserves some serious consideration even after being impressed by his second year back running at 100 yards at night from his first start in 2020.

What’s next

From here, the Patriots will head back to Foxboro and host the Denver Broncos at Gillette Stadium 6 weeks ahead of their weekend. Speaking of the Chiefs, they will stick around the Arrowhead Stadium and wait for the Las Vegas Raiders to visit. The game against New England started a tough pull for the defending Super Bowl champions as they are in the midst of a short week to prepare for Las Vegas and then will visit the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night night on Football just over a week into Week 6

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