Scotland: Alex Salmond wants to find a new party

Scotland: Alex Salmond wants to find a new party

Just six weeks before regional elections on 6 May, Scotland’s political landscape is turning: former prime minister Alex Salmond wants to run a new party called Alba. Like the Scottish National Party (SNP), Alba is said to campaign for the country’s independence from Great Britain.

Salmond, who ruled Scotland from 2007 to 2014, left the SNP in 2018, after allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him. He was later acquitted by a court.

He then made serious allegations against his political foster daughter, the current Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Sturgeon also faced a no-confidence motion, but he won.

The SNP chief is hoping for an absolute majority in the regional election. This should increase pressure on London to allow a second referendum on Scottish independence. In the first referendum in 2014, 55 percent were in favor of staying in the United Kingdom.

Salmond said he did not wish to enter into direct competition with the SNP with his Alba party. They want to drop the direct candidates. Instead, he hopes to obtain some members of the regional parliament in Edinburgh through regional lists. According to Salmond, both parties can form a “super majority” for independence.

However, it is questionable whether this calculation will work. Despite Salmond’s assurances, Alba could dispute the SNP’s votes.

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