Scotland and Ireland: Off Brexit – just because England demands it? – Politics

  Scotland and Ireland: Off Brexit - just because England demands it?  - Politics
Scotland's Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants a new referendum.  Photo: dpa / Jane Barlow

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants a new referendum.

Photo: dpa / Jane Barlow

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, more and more voters will be independent rather than outside the European Union.

Correspondent: Peter Nonnemar (non)

Lonson – Conservatives are not the only winners in these general elections. Far from the Westminsters, in the far north, the ranks of the Scottish National Party (SNP) greet each other. Of the 59 lower house seats offered in Scotland, the leftist nationalist SNP captured 47, which was achieved in previous elections in June 2017.

For the SNP, which also caters to the Scottish Government, this success has special significance. Because he now has a large delegation not only in Westminster. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon drew from the fact that her party won more than three quarters of all seats in the Scottish lower house, supported by the SNP’s central demand for Scottish independence in her homeland. She sees her electoral success as a mandate for another independence referendum – perhaps early next year.

Johnson ruled a referendum

In the last such referendum five years ago, the nationalists lost from 45 percent to 55 percent. But the prospect of a drastic Brexit envisioned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has changed the situation. According to the latest surveys, the number of people imagining Scotland to be self-determined goes up by 50 per cent. Sturgeon, a traditionally Europe-friendly country like Scotland, confirmed on Friday, at least Boris Johnson should have the right to avoid Brexit. “I am not saying that every voter who voted for the SNP tomorrow is also in favor of freedom.” We should be told “not to vote for us by a Tory government”. And under no circumstances do you have to “accept life outside the European Union as a nation” just because England demands it.

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Before Christmas, Sturgeon Johnson wants to ask for a green light for a new Scotland referendum. The Prime Minister of London immediately ruled on it. If Johnson insists, Sturgeon may, in extreme cases, hold a referendum without official approval. Then there is the danger of a constitutional crisis.

There is something going on in northern ireland too

The elections have also led to new developments in Northern Ireland beyond the Irish Sea. The Unionists of Northern Ireland, who now have little to say in Westminster, have also shrunk from ten to eight seats at home. For another mandate, nine i.e., two “nationalist parties” – the Republican Party Sin Phin and the Catholic-Social Democratic SDLP. The distribution of seats is notable. For the first time in the history of Northern Ireland, Republicans and Irish nationalists (Catholics) have more seats than Unionists (Protestants). Provinces are gaining weight. Since, in view of the expected tough Brexit, even some unions have now obtained Irish passports and fear of contact with the “South”, the Irish Republic, Sin Féin, and a referendum on the reunification of Northern Ireland Pushing for more and more. With Ireland. Concerned British observers fear that London’s Brexit policy could lead to possible explosions at two locations in Britain.


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