Scotland: Brexit and Kovid-19 strengthen independence

Scotland: Brexit and Kovid-19 strengthen independence

At the town hall Glasgow Only the Scottish flag flies. The third largest city in Britain is one of the “strongholds”Scottish independence, Which had a majority here 2014 referendum. But then the votes were not enough to win the separatist cause, which received just under 45% of the votes.

Ian Johnson says, “We suddenly found ourselves against our will from Europe, which at the time was a 55% share of those who voted to remain in Britain. However, Brexit has changed its outlook.” I thought the Sangh was the right thing, but not anymore. Today we are a different country. Many people and friends of my family also voted to stay, but they changed their minds. I think it really is. The Unstoppable Movement “.

One of the strengths of the Unionist campaign in 2014, which convinced many voters, was that independent Scotland would leave the European Union. It is clear that everything changes with Brexit. This is why the ruling Scottish National Party now wants a second referendum. London protests Many elections say that autonomists are still in the majority.

“This is the first time in the history of Scottish elections Separatists are consistently above the 50% limit“Political scientist John Curtis, a professor at the University of Strathclyde, comments. We ask him if he thinks this is a passing event or it will go away. He replies that everything will depend on it.The Scottish executive, which is contrary to Boris Johnson’s government, currently enjoys high support in the country How did they handle Kovid-19 Epidemic. But if citizens have a different perception in the next six or twelve months, then support for the separatist cause will diminish.

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Nationalists are sure that if London manages to pull out of the European Union, the separatists will weaken. Union activist Ian Anderson believes the movement needs new ideas. As it is no longer a Brexit topic, we need to focus more on why trust in the UK and how it can improve.

For now London is deaf to the lively demands for a new referendum, which is affected by the deadlock caused by the health crisis. However, if the Scottish elections in May next year confirm nationalists in government, the request will not be difficult to comply with.


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