Scotland – Dream is alive – Politics

Scotland - Dream is alive - Politics

Nicola Sturgeon wants to continue the fight for her dream of independence, especially after this election. And so the head of the Scottish National Party (SNP) spoke of an “exceptionally good night” on Friday morning, even though the British overall result was “pretty bleak”. For Sturgeon, a staunch opponent of Brexit, the election shows what would be “different avenues” in Scotland and the rest of Britain. In any case, the Prime Minister of Scotland wants to make his promise and push on the independence of Scotland through a second referendum. If it has its way, the country must go its own way: out of Britain and back into the European Union.

Sturgeon sees himself strong after the parliamentary election. The SNP has received 13 seats in the British House of Commons, and now has a total of 48. “I’m not saying every SNP voter supports Scottish independence,” Sturgeon said restrictively. Nevertheless, she sees the vote as “a strong confirmation that Scotland should have a choice about its future”. With this stance, the Scottish Prime Minister is moving towards a struggle that could end the already existing unity of the United Kingdom.

In any case, Boring Johnson is concerned in Downing Street. The Prime Minister has strongly rejected the call for independence referendum in the election campaign. And that’s not all: Even after the Scottish regional election in 2021, he won’t change his mind, Johnson said. His wording is decisive as another Scottish referendum would require approval from London. Sturgeon does not want to close it and wants to submit a formal request for a referendum.

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In the first referendum in 2014, 55 per cent were against Scotland’s independence. However, this was before the Brexit referendum, in which most Scots voted for Great Britain to remain in the EU. No wonder the SNP struck a chord in Scotland with a majority of its course. The Tories had hoped to be able to compensate for Johnson’s unpopularity in Scotland with his apparent anti-independence campaign, but nothing came of it. You lost seven seats.

In Northern Ireland, where Brexit referendum holds majority live Was pronounced, DUP was punished for supporting the Tories on a large scale over the past two years. The unionist party has lost two seats in Westminster; One of them has to surrender DUP Vice Boss Nigel Dodds. Many Northern Irish clearly felt deceived as the party campaigned for a long time for the Tories’ Brexit course. The DUP, in turn, was betrayed by Johnson when it became clear that Northern Ireland was being treated differently from the rest of Britain in a Brexit deal with Brussels. Finally, she opposed the exit treaty and refused to support the Prime Minister.

Catholics, Republican Sin Féin traditionally do not take their seats in the House of Commons in opposition to British domination – it remains at seven. The neutral and EU-friendly coalition party is returning to the House of Commons with one seat. The Northern Irish Social Democrats, who are also against Brexit, won two seats.

In Wales, where the population was close to the Brexit referendum leave Had voted, the Tories won six new constituencies. Labor lost the same number, but remains by far the strongest force in Wales. The regional plaid Simru party has four seats in the lower house.

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