“Scotland Forever”. Sturgeon celebrated it

Sean Connery, who died today at the age of 90, a memorable interpreter of Secret Agent 007 in the service of his majesty, has always been a supporter of the Scottish National Party and the most famous face of Scottish independence. Its motto was “Scotland Forever” was famous. It is in tattooing on his arm, when he was a young sailor, that the patriotism of the country’s greatest Scottish actor is rooted. In 1999 Sean Connery returned to Scotland to participate in the campaign for the Scottish Parliament election.

Sean Connery died in 90: Scottish actor veteran James Bond. Producer: “Surprised”

Sean Connery favored with referendum

Already known for some time for anti-integration positions on the United Kingdom, in 2014 he openly favored Yes for the Scottish independence referendum. “This is a unique opportunity not to be missed – the 84-year-old actor born in Edinburgh has been declared – with the victory of Yes will renew our focus on our culture and politics, giving us our cultural heritage and our Provides an unprecedented opportunity to promote culture. ” Creative excellence ”. “We are a small nation, but we deserve to be independent”, Sean Connery likes to reiterate in his continued pre-independence statements. “I support the freedom struggle because I believe in equality”. In 2012 he said: «The first step was the victory of an autonomous parliament. The second came in 2007 with the election of a Scottish National Party-led government. I now believe that Scotland has what it takes to take a third step to independence, and I believe it will succeed in my lifetime. ‘Sean Connery died with this unfulfilled dream of 90 years, but with a tattoo inscribed “Forever Scotland” on his arm.

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Sean Connery Dead, Not Only 007: Thousand Talents of an Actor with a Magical Touch

Sturgeon pain

“I was heartbroken this morning to learn about Sir Sean Connery’s death. Our nation today mourns one of its dearest children ». According to the BBC website, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said this.

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