Scotland is the first country in the world to guarantee free sanitary pads for all women in public buildings

Scotland is the first country in the world to guarantee free sanitary pads for all women in public buildings

There Scotland It is the first country in the world to guarantee access free And universal For menstrual products. August 15 applied to “Term Product Act”, a law passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliament that requires the presence of sanitary pads and other menstrual products in public places. The term Product (Free Provisions) Bill, with this move defined by many as “sea changes”, was promulgated in 2020 But what has not yet been converted into law by the Scottish Legislative Assembly becomes law. The journey lasted for years with the bill introduced by a Labor MP and began in 2017. Monica LennonThe historical turning point came with the enactment of a law that prohibits right to health without discrimination, “whereas rising cost of living – He has declared Monica LennonThe enforcer of the law in the Scottish Parliament – the term Product Act represents a light of hope which shows what can be achieved when politics comes together for the good of the common people.” The law aims to combat what experts have called “menstrual poverty”, or a condition in which ” A woman is forced to choose whether to buy a packet of pasta or a sanitary pad”, as she explained to the BBC. Georgie Nicholson, Scottish activist and member of the Hey Girls Association. “Many mothers contact us when they decide to give up menstrual products to bring something to the table for their babies,” Nicholson continued, “and find themselves using Newspaper sheets wrapped in socks and other emergency solutions, because they are cheaper than menstrual productsAccording to the Association, one in four women in the UK is in a state of menstruating poverty.

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In ItalyThe situation is still in progress aimed at eliminating taxation on sanitary towels, which is still a long way off, even though the first step has been taken with the inclusion of a reduction in VAT 22% to 10% among the measures envisaged within budget law 2022,

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