Scotland is the first country in the world to legally guarantee free sanitary pads in public buildings

Scotland is the first country in the world to legally guarantee free sanitary pads in public buildings

Scotland has become world’s first nation to return Mandatory presence of menstrual products Free in public places. term product actwhich came into effect today, 15 August, confirmed Term Excise (Free Provisions) Bill, was enacted in 2020, but which was not then converted into law by the Scottish Parliament. From now on, people who need menstrual products in schools and other public buildings will need to be able to obtain them. for free, The path that had already seen a significant step forward with the 2020 decree has been followed in the United Kingdom’s northernmost country for years: since 2017 they have been spent £27 million To ensure free access to sanitary pads and tampons.

You no longer need to choose between paste and sanitary napkins

“whereas rising cost of living“- he has declared Monica LennonThe enforcer of the law in the Scottish Parliament – «The term Product Act represents a light of hope Which shows what can be achieved when politics comes together for the good of the common people.” The law aims to end menstrual poverty. “An easy way to describe menstrual poverty is ” – explains the worker Georgie Nicholson Feather BBC – « You go to the supermarket and you find yourself Choose between a packet of pasta and one of the sanitary napkins“. According to the estimates of the Union Hey girlsOf which Nicholson is a member, one in four women in the UK has suffered from menstrual poverty in her lifetime. Overcoming this phenomenon is considered a step towards gender equality. “Many mothers contact us when they decide to give up menstrual products to bring something to the table for their babies,” Nicholson continues, “and find themselves using Newspaper sheets wrapped in socks“and other emergency solutions,” because they are cheaper than menstrual products,

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