Scotland is to vote on 6 May. protest in the square

  Scotland is to vote on 6 May.  protest in the square

Hundreds of people took to the streets in Scotland in two protests: one for independence and the other pro-Union. With just a few days left for the Parliamentary elections on 6th May and playing a vital role in managing the pandemic. Scots beliefs Some believe this reinforced the idea that Scotland should be independent of London.

“If the Scottish Parliament says we want to close the Scottish border because the number of Covid cases in Scotland is lower than in England and many other countries, we cannot do so at the moment because we do not have the right to freedom. Says a pensioner.

While others believe that it is better not to be alone during such a serious health crisis. “Due to the devastating effects of the pandemic I do not think it is the right time for Scotland to break away from the UK. I believe we are stronger together, the union can work better together,” explains one economist .

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon opened pubs, shops and restaurants in Scotland on 26 April – two weeks after Prime Minister Boris Johnson eased restrictions in England. Scots can now visit other parts of the UK for non-urgent reasons.

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