Scotland, Premier Sturgeon acquitted: He did not violate rules

Scotland, Premier Sturgeon acquitted: He did not violate rules

The week of fire began in the best possible way for Nicola Sturgeon: the Scottish premier was fired on charges of violating the code of conduct and would be able to face a vote of confidence in a light-hearted parliament.

Independent investigation findings

An independent inquiry conducted by Judge James Hamilton, the former Chief Prosecutor of Ireland, concluded that Sturgeon did not mislead the Horrod parliament and “did not break the rules of the Ministerial Code in any way”. The rules say that whoever violates the code should resign.

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No misleading report to Parliament

The Premier was accused of misleading Parliament when he was informed of sexual harassment allegations against Alex Salmond as an assistant to the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Scottish Government. Sturgeon reportedly stated how much he really knew about the storm that killed his political guru in 2018.

Hamilton’s 61-page report, commissioned in 2019 to shed light on the complex matter, acknowledges that “the Prime Minister’s description of events in Parliament was incomplete,” but only because he did not remember certain details .

“These findings are official, definitive and independent – after the verdict Sturgeon said yesterday -. I have always tried to act in honesty and public interest».

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