Scotland: Scottish government plans independence referendum

Scotland: Scottish government plans independence referendum

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is the head of government and wants the independence referendum to no longer be part of Great Britain.

With the Eleven Point Plan, the Scottish nationalists have their demands for independence. Great Britain Insisted. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) announced it would hold a “legal referendum” after the end of the pandemic. The condition is that the pro-independence parties get a majority again in the regional elections to be held on 6 May. British Prime Minister boris johnson Strongly rejects the new referendum.

In its “Roadmap”, the SNP emphasizes that the British government London There are three options. Either she accepts that the Scottish Parliament already has the power to hold a referendum, or she officially approves the vote. Alternatively, they could try to challenge the “will of the Scottish people” in court. The party will strongly oppose it, the newspaper said on Saturday National published document.

A Scottish referendum just before Brexit just failed

Prime Minister Sturgeon is in favor of a second referendum. they argue that brexie, which was rejected by the Scots with a clear majority, shed new light on the first referendum. In 2014, a slim majority voted against seceding from Great Britain, at which time the United Kingdom was still a member. Me. Currently, the majority in the elections are in favor of independence.

The plans were sharply criticized by opposition parties in Edinburgh. The Labor Party said it was “unforgivable” that the SNP put its independence plans above everything else in difficult times with thousands of coronavirus deaths. Scottish Conservative chief Douglas Ross announced on Twitter: “We will not allow this.” (dpa)

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