Scotland: Sturgeon with its head towards independence referendum

Scotland: Sturgeon with its head towards independence referendum

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is angry about Brexit and wants a new referendum with the hope that the region may leave Britain to reunite.

Today, however, during an interview, the leader openly declared war on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, apparently opposing the Scottish referendum and deciding not to authorize it. Sturgeon specified In case of victory in the Scottish elections in May, he will find a way to make the independence referendum legal: “A legal referendum to give people the right to choose,” he said.

Demonstration between London and Edinburgh may end in court

Translated means that a quarrel between Edinburgh and London could end in court if Johnson were to continue to deny the referendum even after the Scottish National Party’s victory in the spring election. For the British Prime Minister, it is difficult to manage a Brexit corollary with an equivalent who will not give up.

Brexit Collateral Damage: State Disintegration?

According to a poll published by the Sunday Times, Scottish voters are in favor of holding a referendum on 50% independence. Excluding unspecified, 52% of respondents supported independence.Published polling also shows that 51% of voters are Northern Ireland wants a referendum on Irish reunionThere was another break in the unity of the state.

Scotland wants to try again

Scotland had already voted for independence in a regional referendum in 2014 but the majority of voters chose to remain in the UK (55% vs 45%). Two years later, however, the Brexit referendum completely changed the landscape. Today, Britain is out of the Union, what do the Scots want? To know this, we have to wait first for elections for the regional parliament in May and then for the end of the epidemic. Sturgeon has indeed informed that his party’s victory case will promote a law to call the referendum and that the consultation be held after the Kovid-19 nightmare.

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