Scotland, two men instead of a teacher: students and scholars arise

Scotland, two men instead of teachers: students and scholars arise

London More than a thousand students and professors gathered for a female teacher, who was famous Scottish University of St Andrews Did not renew the contract. Teacher and philosopher are called Alison KerrIs American and until a few days ago was head of the head of a dedicated university “Sexual studies”, It is a study of gender, the only woman in the field among other things and honored by colleagues and members who have worked with her over the years. But now the university has decided to stop working with Kerr for unspecified reasons. Not only this: Two male teachers were chosen in their place, who, according to Kerr’s supporters, would not have the knowledge and curriculum required to take their place.

Thus, more than a thousand students and professors, not only in the United Kingdom, have taken action for the American philosopher, as reported by the Times and Herald Scotland, as Kerr’s presence was “critical to credibility” according to him. Will be. Of the department. “Following Kerr’s protest against St. Andrews:” The decision not to renew my contract and risk the work of the Department of Gender Studies is a slap for all those who have so far promoted diversity in faculty and professionalism is. Their curriculum “.

Not only Scottish University students and peers in Kerr’s favor, but also foreign professors such as Elinor Mason of the University of California express their opinions, for which “it is a shame that all of Kerr’s works would have been defined in such a way” Are. “Or as Andrea Peto, professor at Central European University in Budapest, founded by George Soros and directed for years by former liberal Canadian politician Michael Ignatieff:” Gender studies are subject to attack globally “, Peto comments Ki, “It is very sad that this also happens at the University of St. Andrews. Probably does not step back.”

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However, this does not seem to be the intention of the university. A University spokesman for the Times also declined to comment on Alison Kerr’s special case, but commented that “many of the reconstructions do not conform to reality and tarnish the reputation of St. Andrews. It was never decided that The department (Gender Studies, Ed) will be headed by one person. And all the teachers selected to fill the role have the necessary curriculum to do so ”.


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