Scotland, UK election results: victory for separatists

Scotland, UK election results: victory for separatists

Elections in Britain have not only approved the success of Conservatives and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (All Updown – The Results – The Names). There is actually another winner, and this is the Scottish National Party (Snp). Leader Nicola Sturgeon has the independence side Won 48 Scottish seats Out of 59, returning to near 2015 record levels when he won 56. A leap forward, the slap that not only comes with recovery from Labor, but also snatching six seats from the Conservatives, who struggled in this land had won, and much more, The Rayman on Brexit. Scotland again said no to Boris Johnson and Brexit, “Sturgeon explained. And he recalled: the Scots” want a different future “from those” elected by the rest of the United Kingdom “(The Regionport – 100 years of elections in ANI ), Thus rejecting the “democratic” challenge to a second referendum on secession.

Sturgeon: “Vote is a watershed”

Sturgeon stated that “our message was highly successful”, referring to the vote as “a watershed”. “” It is not about seeking permission from Boris Johnson or any other Westminster politician, but it is about “confirming the democratic right of the people of Scotland to determine their future”. As head of the Scottish Government, he continued, “Let me be clear: this is not just mine or the SNP’s claim, the Scottish people have a right at stake and a leader who is defeated here, to block the way There is no right. “.” Johnson – he continued – we must listen, because Tory governments did not pay attention to us for three years (Brexit, ed). “According to Sturgeon, the only solution is the request for freedom:” In an independent Scotland – he concludes – we will always be able to vote for our government ”.

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