Scotland wants to return to EU: will Britain break on Brexit?

Scotland wants to return to EU: will Britain break on Brexit?

Even in a time of greatest need, Boris Johnson could not resist a stiff injury on his former partner. It was on Monday evening when the British Prime Minister once again addressed his country to announce another nationwide lockout, giving 75,000 Kovid-19 deaths and about 60,000 new infections daily.

In the coming weeks, Johnson said, the fight against the epidemic will be “the hardest yet”, but there is hope. By mid-February, millions of vaccines will be immunized with new vaccines. “We have already vaccinated more people in Britain than in the rest of Europe.” In other words, if Brexit did not exist, Great Britain and Northern Ireland would be worse.

Something similar was heard by Johnson in the first few days of January. Epidemic: Bad. But Brexit: a truly “wonderful moment” in British history. The final exit from the European Union at the end of the year provides a unique opportunity to think «globally» and larger, the Prime Minister announced at the BBC. In the “Daily Telegraph” he promised “hundreds of thousands” of high-paying jobs in his new year’s address “millions”. Britain will become a “scientific superpower” and a leader in the fight against climate change. Thanks for Brexit.

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