Scottish bishops await Pope Francis at COP26

Papa Francesco celebra l'Angelus al Policlinico Gemelli di Roma dove è ricoverato

Pope Francis celebrates Angelus at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, where he is hospitalized – Reuters

There is great anticipation in Scotland for the visit of Pope Francis on the sidelines of the COP26 World Summit on the Environment, scheduled for November. In fact, with a statement, the country’s clergy confirmed the visit and conveyed their desire to be able to arrange the moments of the encounter with Bergoglio.

The Scottish Catholic Bishops said in a statement: “Welcome the prospect of meeting with Pope Francis during the COP26 conference (United Nations Appointment on Climate Change) in Glasgow in November”. The Scottish Episcopal Conference also sends best wishes to the Pontiff for his speedy recovery. The bishop’s spokesman added in the note: “The Pope will be in Scotland for a very short period of time, much of which will be spent attending the COP26 conference. However we want many pastoral, ecumenical and interfaith meetings while he is near us. , the deadline, unfortunately, says that such a complete program will not be possible”.

For the time being, however, Pope Francis’ participation at COP26 in Scotland has yet to be confirmed by official sources in the Vatican.

Click here to read the Scottish Bishops’ Note

Here’s the Italian translation by Silvia Guzzetti:

Scottish bishops welcome possibility of meeting with Pope Francis

The Catholic Bishops of Scotland have welcomed the prospect of meeting with Pope Francis when they attend the COP 26 conference in Glasgow next November. A spokesman for the Episcopal Conference said:

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“Scottish bishops express their support and pray for Pope Francis as he recovers from his recent surgery. Writing a letter to the Pope assuring him that he will be warmly welcomed if he attends the conference. Will, they are happy to learn that Pope Francis expects. Will be more pleased to attend. To meet him in Glasgow”.

The spokesperson added:

“Pope Francis will be in Scotland for a very short period, much of which will be spent attending the COP 26 conference. While many pastoral, ecumenical and interfaith meetings would be desirable, while the Holy Fathers are with us, time is short. “Unfortunately, this means that the full schedule of meetings will not be possible”.


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