Scottish Criticism of Neighbors: Sturgeon: “Corruption at the Heart of Johnson’s Government”

Scottish Criticism of Neighbors: Sturgeon:

Scottish criticism of the neighbor
Sturgeon: “Corruption at the Heart of Johnson’s Government”

The British government of Boris Johnson is currently embroiled in several scandals. The Prime Minister skipped a parliamentary debate on the issue of favoritism. He would have to read the Riot Act to the Scottish Prime Minister.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party of corruption. “There is mounting evidence of systematic corruption at the heart of Johnson’s government,” Sturgeon said in a panel discussion with reporters. “If we see this behavior in Russia or other countries, Boris Johnson will condemn it as corruption.”

Currently, Johnson Tories is embroiled in several scandals. The government’s majority initially blocked the suspension of Tory MP Owen Paterson for improper lobbying. It was also made public that the Conservatives had placed several large donors in the House of Lords.

“At the heart of his government is a deep disregard for rules and standards,” Sturgeon said. Johnson feels that rules and regulations apply to everyone but himself and his party. Johnson’s behavior is reassuring more people in Scotland about the need to take the future in their own hands, Sturgeon said, referring to Scotland’s secession from Great Britain promoted by his party.

Johnson, however, shied away from an urgent debate on lobbying and partisanship in the British Parliament. Debate erupted last week over the government’s attempt to halt an internal disciplinary process against Tory MP Owen Paterson for grossly violating lobbying rules.

Instead of Johnson, his cabinet secretary, Steve Barkley, now attended the parliamentary session. He apologized on behalf of the government for the “mistake made last week”.

“They say the head of the fish stinks”

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer accused Johnson of “the decency to be here to defend or apologize for his actions”. Instead of showing leadership, the prime minister “decided to hide”. Johnson had led his party “through the gutters and stinks”. “They say the fish head stinks,” said Liberal Democrats MEP Wendy Chamberlain. It is therefore regrettable that Johnson does not participate in the debate.

The conservative former prime minister, John Major, last week criticized the government’s approach to lobbying as “shameful” and damaging to parliament’s reputation.

Press reports that with key donors to the Conservative Party were filling seats “organically” in the upper house, discussions were fueled over the weekend. The Liberal Democrats are now calling for a committee to investigate allegations of corruption and lobbying. He will have the right to call witnesses and hear them under oath.

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