Scottish government presents second paper on prospects for independence

Nicola Sturgeon - scozia

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish Government has published a second document related to the Detailed Brochure for Independence. Titled “Renewal of Democracy through Freedom”, the document was presented by the Prime Minister nicola sturgeon in Edinburgh.

Last month, the first in a series of independence papers were revealed, highlighting the economic areas where the UK has overtaken a group of other independent European countries. In this context, the Scottish authorities would like to come”respected, protected and strengthened“, noting that the Westminster Parliament may at present “vote to replace the powers of the Edinburgh Parliament, or even to abolish it at any time.”

The document sheds light on how this “democratic deficit” has “real-life consequences” and highlights how the Conservatives have held onto Scotland despite not winning elections north of the border “for nearly 70 years”. use power.

In a preface, the premier wrote: “We can build a better relationship with a free Scotland – an equal partnership – with the rest of the UK, the UK government being able to claim ‘Westminster sovereignty’ regardless of the views of the Scottish Parliament or the Scottish people”.

The 58-page document outlines the current UK political system before addressing ‘why decision-makers matter’ and ‘the consequences of British decisions for Scotland’. The report also stated that “no real possibility“Of a federal United Kingdom that allows Scotland to exercise self-government due to parliamentary sovereignty,” a constitutional cornerstone that affirms the absolute power of Westminster.

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