Scottish independence: Sturgeon v Westminster in the Supreme Court

Scottish independence: Sturgeon v Westminster in the Supreme Court

age old questionScottish independence returns to captureBritish political agenda After the stalemate of recent years. Ale’firefighter of London, recorded in the era of both johnson Compared to truss, He took Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, before Supreme court Joe – who last met on 11 and 12 October – was called rules on validity Scottish Legislation on referendum matters even without Westminster’s approval. During the first hearing, the legal advisors of both the parties six hours for discussion in the courts.

The Supreme Officer of the Scottish Government, Lord Advocate Dorothy Bainfrequently Invoke Court in favor of of initiative by SturgeonThose who want the population to vote by October 2023. Il British GovernmentOn the other hand, as emerged with the intervention of Senior Attorney Sir. James Eddy Defines the Referendum Billpremature and theoretical‘, repeatingspecificity of legal power According to section 30 of London Scotland Act of 1998, Bain, citing jurisprudence, stressed the need for not strictly following the provisions of the Act. So he called on the court to focus on the bill’s purpose: to examine the Scottish people’s views on independence.

Referendum Advisor – which will propose similar question 2014,Should Scotland be an independent country?‘- was actually presented as having no indirect or incidental binding consequence to the British Government. But Westminster, doubting the declared intentions of the counterpart, remains convinced of the latent Scottish intention to initiate a process of secession from the kingdom.

Supreme Court judgeFormed by Lord Reid, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Sales, Lord Stephens and Lady Rose, so called Consider From Several factors Looking at sentencing in the coming weeks; among these, people’s right to self-determination The express encouragement of the Scottish Independence Party (SNP) is rooted in the International Conference on Human Rights. In fact, as Reid himself said, the arguments brought to the notice of the Court were only tip of the icebergContains over 8,000 written submissions to be examined and evaluated before the case is over,

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There sturgeonMeanwhile, appears confident For the country’s democratic future, Labor, despite internal opposition from Liberal Democrats and Conservatives – convinced that they should work synergistically on other issues, such as the cost of living, education, the climate emergency and the state of health in the post – Epidemic. but the prime minister she appears more determined than ever to abide by the party’s manifesto and, In the event of a court decision in Westminster’s favorannounces its intention to focus its entire electoral campaign (for the next elections of 2024) scottish question, to scare a referendum really Should Labor return to power thanks to Scottish support? Similarly, however, if the verdict was in Edinburgh’s favour, then i supporter of union they would be willing to agree that watershed moment what the country is going through it’s not good for question separatist – top Later recent resignation of Prime Minister After Liz Truss only 45 days Why the assignment? Therefore, regardless of what conclusion the Court may reach, this question will continue to seek a compromise solution.

ambitious Downing Street challenge will also be encouraged by Great results in the last election local Scottish, but also from new separatist thrust Five years after the decision to leave the European Union emerged across the state – against which 62% Scottish population spoke in 2016, apprehensive Collision course with London appears, however, anything but clear, There population it is still strongly divided on this subject; YouGov’s latest survey In fact it shows that, in October 2022, the result of a new referendum will be roughly the same as the previous referendum – albeit with a slightly smaller margin – as much as a percentage. 51% Scottish adults (over 16 years of age) not in favor of freedom From United Kingdom.

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In short, the results of the referendum could thwart the efforts of the leader of the SNP; But, before voters can consciously express their preference for the future of Scotland, they are Still many points open which has to be thawed.

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