Sean Connery died from the legendary 007 farewell

Sean Connery died from the legendary 007 farewell

The world of cinema loses its most famous and popular James Bond. Sean Connery He died today at the age of 90 but his career ended in early 2003. He has since turned to politics and committed himself to the independence of Scotland from the rest of Britain.

Difficult childhood years

Connery was born in 1930 in Edinburgh to an Irish father and a Scottish mother, poor but honest people. So Sean works before studying, however, his passion never ceased. “I left school for good when I was 13 years old and had only one idea, keeping in mind a thousand jobs, perhaps for the children of that time: to go to war”The Scottish actor who had a very short military career will explain in an interview. He entered the Navy at the age of 16, but was discharged after only three years, due to an ulcer. In this period he received the words ‘Mum and Dad’ and ‘Scotland Forever’ on his shoulders and then accepted the most diverse jobs including coffin polishers. In 1953 he competed in the Mr. Universe competition, finishing third, but had started acting two years earlier in a musical in the South Pacific staged in London. In 1958, he starred in the film opposite Lana Turner Pyar Ka Bliss – Operation Love.

Success with James Bond films

International success began in 1962 when Connery was cast as part of it. James BondBritish secret agent born from the pen of writer Ian Fleming. A success that the actor cannot digest. “There is no point in comparing me to James Bond. Bond is English and I am Scottish. And I don’t like English at all because I’m Scottish “, In 1965, in an interview with Oriana Phalkasi, she says with a touch of pride that she is shooting Agent 007 – Thunderball. It is still: “I get angry when they ask me if I want to be James Bond, if I look like James Bond, if they should call me Sherry or Bond.”

In 2005 Connery would confess that his biggest desire was not to become an actor:“Bond meant cinema exploration for me, before I dreamed of becoming a footballer, I would play for Manchester United if I didn’t have a muscle.” In total, from 1962 to 1971 Connery made six films inspired by the famous British Secret Agent: Agent 007 – License to Kill, With love from Russia, Goldfinger Mission, you live only twice, a waterfall of diamonds. In 1983, he would return to play the role of Bond Never say butI remake of Agent 007 – Thunderball (Operation Thunder) Which however does not belong to the official series.

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Other 60s and 70s movies

In the 60s and 70s he also plays other roles with famous directors like Alfred Hitchcock who want him Marnie (1964) or Sidney Lumet, who, the following year, directed him in The Hill of Disgrace. In 1968, he starred in Western Shalco with Brigitte Bardot, while in 1974 he was in the film Colonel Arbuthnot Murder on the Orient-Express, Taken from the mystery of the house by Agatha Christie. Two years later he will be starring with Audrey Hepburn Robin E. Marian. In 1977 he acted That last bridge, Next to him are stars such as Michael Caine and Lawrence Olivier. In 1979, writer Michael Crickton chose Connery as the film’s protagonist 1855 – Great Train Robbery, Is inspired by a story that actually happened and is told in one of his books.

Sean Connery Vince L’Oscar

The 80s is full of satisfaction and rewards. In 1986, he received the BAFTA Award for the blockbuster film Name of rose, While taken from the book by Umberto Echo Oscar for Best Supporting Actor The following year, thanks to the film directed by Brian De Palma, The Untouchables, Where he works with Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia. He also won the Golden Globe for this film. 1989 is another year of great success, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Of which Connery has always held good memories. “I don’t have a favorite movie, when I watch myself again I always find something that I could have done better. There are movies that hold me more dear than others because the memory of making is beautiful. Indiana Jones, for example, with Spielberg and Harrison Ford, had a “very fun experience.”, He would say in an interview with Republika.

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Last year of life and political commitment

In 1990 he played the commander of a Soviet submarine Marco Ramius Hunt for red october And the film also has stars Russia houseIs based on the novel of the same name by John le Carre. The following year he played the role of Richard the Lionheart in Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves and in 1992 he is the film’s protagonist Mato Grosso. After which he appeared in another ten films and the last, Legend of extraordinary men, Since 2003. The official farewell to the cinema comes in 2006, when a tumor was removed from his kidney. He devoted the last years of his life to political commitment to freedom. Scotland, Also financially supports the Scottish National Party (SNP). In one of his latest interviews he will reveal: “When I was given the title of Sir (2002 Ed), I asked for a week’s time to think about it. And since I was not forced to change any of my ideas, neither political nor professional, I decided to accept the title. And no one has come to take it from me, at least for now “.


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