Security officials say the 2020 election is “the safest in history.”

Security officials say the 2020 election is

The 2020 election was “the safest in American history,” federal election infrastructure officials said in a joint statement Thursday. The statement said President Trump continued to spread baseless claims, leading to widespread voter fraud in the war-torn states.

Mr. Trump still did not admit on Thursday, and advisers confirmed to CBS News that he has openly discussed running for re-election in 2024. While no decision has been made, one of Trump’s advisers is aware in conversations with the president that Trump allies are working to keep their options open as they plot their political future.

Republican senators on Thursday said President-elect Biden should obtain intelligence. Iowa’s G.O.P. Senator Chuck Grassley, the most senior G.O.P. The senator, and a close ally of Mr. Trump, Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, told reporters separately on Capitol Hill that she believed Mr. Biden should receive a high-level briefing. The upper house’s second-highest-ranking Republican, South Dakota Senator John Thuen, said the president’s election was “meaningful” to the nation’s most sensitive intelligence.

“I have no problem with these challenges, such as elections in court, and I think it’s important from a national security perspective,” Thun said. “And you’ve seen other members suggesting that.”

Texas Senator John Korn told reporters he believes the information “needs to be communicated in some way.”

“I just don’t know of any tic chit to stop briefing,” he said. “If Mr. Biden wins at the end, I think he needs to be able to run on the ground.” “


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