See unrealistic drone footage of the catastrophic collapse of the Arecibo Observatory

See unrealistic drone footage of the catastrophic collapse of the Arecibo Observatory

Stunning video footage was released on Thursday by the National Science Foundation capturing the exact moment The Arecibo Observatory’s 900-ton platform has been lowered In a 1,000-foot wide dish below. A drone was investigating closely the cables that held the platform over the dish when the cable broke on Tuesday.

Video from the giant radio telescope shows both drone footage and camera mera views from the visitor center, showing the plateau appearing at the top of the forest floor in Arecibo, Puerto Rico in the Direet. The two large parts of the cement tower that were attached to the cable can also be seen coming down.

The previous two cables were broken, one in August and Another November, Unstable binoculars.

The drone was investigating the spot on top of a tower, where the rest had suddenly crashed.

The NSF recently decided to cancel the telescope after another cable broke in November.

“It was a dangerous situation.” John Abruzzo, who is with an engineering consulting firm called Thornton Tomasetti contracted by the NSF, told reporters Thursday. “Those cables can fail at any time.”

On Tuesday, they did.

The NSF reports that no one was injured in the crash and that the visitor center suffered only minor damage.

Working for nearly 60 years, the telescope was the backdrop to the dramatic battle scene in the 1995 James Bond movie. GoldenE With Pierce Brosnan. They also appeared in the 1997 duo Foster movie Contact. But this is the true legacy of Arecibo Discover many scientific facts It became possible. He discovered the pulsar, expanded our knowledge of Mercury, discovered the exoplanet, and saw a rapid radio strike.

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