sentence of the day, saint of the day, famous birth, what happened today

sentence of the day, saint of the day, famous birth, what happened today

Today’s thought

Nothing awakens memory like smell. (Victor Hugo)

saints of the day

san nester by Magydos (Bishop and Martyr), Sano Faustinian (Bishop of Bologna), Sano porphyry of Gaza (bishop), saint’Agriculture by Navarro (bishop), Santa paola of San Giuseppe di Calasanzio ,Founder ‘Daughters of Mary’), Saint ‘Alexander (Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt).

it happened today

  • 1935 Here’s the Radar, Scottish physicist Robert Watson-Watteau He developed a system that picked up radio signals from afar. The British government set up a network of antennas that sent signals, ‘bounces’ them and kept distance from the body. Turning point signal to be shown on screen: February 26, ’35 Watt He picked up on the exact position of an airplane in radio silence and was shrouded in fog. Radar was born.
  • 1982 was born Radio Italy. Founded in Milan by DJ Mario Volenti, it was the first private broadcaster of Italian music alone. It covered the national territory in ’87 and in ’90 it was the most listened to commercial radio in Italy. Also present on TV (can do. 70), Italy has a daily audience of about 4.5 million people.

famous birth

  • Victor Hugo ,1802-1885), France, man of letters, Born in Besançon, he made his debut with ‘The Odes’, founded ‘The Literary Conservative’ and established Romantic theories (‘Cromwell’, 1827). A staunch socialist in politics, he was a deputy in the Constituent Assembly and clashed with Napoleon III, who sentenced him to exile. The vision of a historical novel matured, estimated to be ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ (1831) and ended inthe Miserables’ (1862). He became an interpreter of the humble and the downtrodden, fighting for a more just society.
  • Michael Bolton ,1953), USA, songwriter. Born in New Haven (Connecticut) to a Russian-Jewish family, Michael Bolotin He got his start in a rock band, then launched himself as a solo artist (’75), but only after 8 years he became bolt on, He achieved success in the genre ‘easy listening’, especially with the cover. Soundtrack writerHercules’ (Disney) boasts a star on the famous’road to success, And is very active in social work against poverty.
  • Sebastian Loebu ,1974), France, rally driver. Born in Heguenau, he is considered the strongest in history 9 consecutive world champion titles (Citroen Total). He won 79 rallies (out of 180), reached the podium 118 times and imposed himself in 925 ‘special stages’. He is 1st. Was 7 times in Monte Carlo, 9 times in Germany rally and 6 times in Mexico rallyexcellent in ‘Tourism’ And ‘GT’ and reach the podium twice ‘Burp’,


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