“Shameful, Mr. Dorfman” – The New South Tyrolian Daily Newspaper

F-president Andreas Latter Reber spoke of the secrecy of former EU MP Herbert Dorfman, who raises former Catalan regional president Carlos Puigdemont’s resistance as a shameful game of disguise..

Dorfman’s behavior is indicated as “an SVP in the context of autonomous politics”.

“Instead of raising his voice for the rise of Puigdemont’s immunity as a South Tyrolian mandate in the EU Parliament, Dorfman took his cowardly silence, openly opposing the recommendation of his parliamentary group of European People’s Parties (EFP). And even after the embarrassing vote, he did not want to say how he voted. For any other South Tyrolean mandate with any backbone, the answer would be completely simple and clear: of course you against Charles Puigdemont’s extradition Will vote. Surely you stand by the Catalans – the best you can do – when they are harassed by the Spanish central government. Already out of solidarity and political cohesion: We South Tyrolians, ourselves in a foreign state Minorities must always be vigilant, find clear words and take action when European minorities are oppressed in their rights and desire for democratic expression and their representatives are politically persecuted ”, so Andreas Head of Rebar.

Herbert Dorfman

“This EU representative of the South Tyrolian Rally Party, whose founding purpose and rights exist, when rooted in protecting the right to self-determination and the protection of minorities of the two ethnic groups, rejected their voting behavior. Perhaps nothing else can be expected from Dorfoman himself, as he has already shown an understanding for state repression against Catalan. The fact that the SVP does not say a word about Spanish and now European Catalonia policy also shows how powerless, indifferent and indifferent the ruling party of South Tyrol is in terms of autonomy and independence in Europe.

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