She falls in love with Montalto from Google Street during lockdown and writes a letter from Scotland

Lettera Montalto da google Maria Prota

Montalto-Carpaccio. Getting a handwritten letter sealed with ceiling wax is a nod to the past. Technology, epistemic and a streak of selfless romanticism are the glue of a particular story that pertains to the municipality of Montalto-Carpaccio. A few weeks ago a letter was delivered to a woman in a small inland town maria protas: sender wrote to him aberdeenA town in Scotland, with a beautiful Queen Elizabeth postage stamp and a wax seal of the initials Gs, backed by the “Royal Mail”.

“Whoever receives this letter, I hope you are well. I don’t know who you are or whether this letter will ever reach the right place. I fell in love with your country during the lockdown, I wrote it” Google Street View” and browsing the streets I think your country is one of the most beautiful: from the little church, to the cats on the windows, to a man I saw walking on the back of a donkey; this Everything seems so peaceful and peaceful. Amidst pink flowers, plants and sunflowers, the image of your home is what I liked the most. I don’t know if I will ever visit this country or not, but I hope so I’ll be a little over there with this letter. Thank you for reading me, I wish you all the best, Gary.’

Mr Gary He literally fell in love with Montalto, watching her from a computer at a time when traveling was only possible with imagination and writing down the number he liked most, without knowing who lived there.

“I will never know who sent me this handwritten letter, even he won’t know who I am, because he didn’t write my name on the envelope or even give me his name. Unbelievable but true …. I never expected such a thing in my life. I was excited” commented Maria to this unexpected surprise, which included the mayor, mariano bianchoThe.

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« It is a wonderful thing to see that our region and hinterland have attracted the attention of the whole world. In these dark times you can still see the beauties » commented the mayor.


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