“She molested Harry” / “Regina’s insult”

Donald Trump he cracked down on it Meghan Markle During an interview which will be broadcast by British network Gb News this evening. This is to report daily mail, who had access to previews of conversations between the former president United States of america and former UKIP leader Nigel faraz,

Based on the rumors that have surfaced, it seems that tycoon admitted that he was not a fan of the prince’s wife Afflict, as “guilty” of having it bad molested and banished from the royal household. “I think she was very disrespectful to the Queen, who is a great woman, a historical figure,” she would say. so eternal praise elizabeta Second, number one before AmericaIn fact, he was born to a Scottish mother and according to what was leaked, she gave him love and respect for the family of England.

Donald Trump on Meghan Markle: “He molested Harry”. letter sign

Donald Trump he criticized Meghan Markle Not only for his relationship with the prince’s family Afflict, which according to him has been manipulated, but also for other issues. One of these, as reported by daily mail, pertains to a letter sent by the actress to the White House to pressurize members of Congress over issues like paternity leave. attempt to interfere in the politics of United States of america who is not liked at all by tycoon,

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In any case, there are many topics to consider during the interview given by the former US President. Nigel faraz, which will be broadcast tonight by British network Gb News. Many of them are related to politics: by the tricks of Joe Biden for the future of the country. With regard to the United Kingdom, however, there was no shortage of criticism even against the head of government, boris johnson, So the politician has taken many pebbles off his shoes in the wake of his new candidacy for the presidency, scheduled for 2024.

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