Shutting down mayors between budgets and expensive energy. We need a permanent table with the government –

 Shutting down mayors between budgets and expensive energy.  We need a permanent table with the government -

Concerned, but ready to do everything possible to protect their communities from the winter, which is fraught with damage, the Italian mayor Ansi met on the board to hand over the priorities to the new government, which, according to all forecasts, He should finally take the oath, beginning Max, next week.
Between NRP budgets to closed, costly bills, projects (and resources), citizens are the first to know about the months ahead and they made the first point of the situation during the meeting.
The meeting, which was attended almost in the presence of the center administrators and remotely connected, opened with the introduction of the President of the National Council of NCI. enzo bianco Which reminded me of the next national assembly in Bergamo from 22 to 24 November “an occasion – said Bianco – not to be missed because there are so many issues to discuss. As is customary now – he said – of Inauguration Day. The work will take place in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

it was then Anci. report of the chairman antonio decaro He To the unborn government he would “make only two recommendations. First – he said – that the timing of its formation and above all for its full activity is the fastest possible, because we are really at a dramatic moment from the social and economic point of view, and we Can’t delay. Second, that, immediately, the new government opens an institutional dialogue with us, which reaffirms the listening skills and respectful attitude that we are able to experience with the latest authorities. And it solves many problems Has proved useful in solving. Not our problems, as mayor’s, but of Italian citizens “.
The discussion saw the participation of mayors of large, medium and small municipalities who recalled essential issues in the institutional confrontation with the new executive. “Absolutely to be solved – said the mayor of Genoa” Marco Bucci – The issue of local public transport which is associated with a fall in bills. Only in Genoa will we have an increase of about 20 million which will put us in a lot of trouble”.
First meeting of the new mayor of Palermo in Ansi Roberto Lagalla who, after thanking DeCaro for being “always united and effective for the successes of the NCI’s political action”, asked that “an in-depth study should be initiated on the Fund of Doubtful Receipts”, “which would determine the dramatic plastering of the financial statements”. does “and an overall suffocation of administrative activity and services, not worthy of developed cities and communities”.
Vice President of Anci, Roberto Pella For his part, he recalled how “next week a special commission will be set up in parliament to approve the measures defined by the outgoing government: the first will be the conversion of decree-law 144 into law, which includes immediate measures for matter energy.” It is appropriate – underlined Pella – to urge all members of that commission to focus on a topic that generates so much agitation in municipalities due to increased energy costs affecting the current budget and, in the future, it Even more, but that 2023″.
and the chairman of the local finance commission talked about energy costs and budgets mauro guera: “We are experiencing a dynamism that often outweighs our ability to take action. For this reason, the method that passes the maximum level of sharing and comparison among all levels of government has never been calculated before. Let’s call it a standing table, a crisis unit, but let the discussion stand still and put everyone together to the best of their ability and responsibility”. A method that even the deputy mayor of Roma Capital agreed on Sylvia Scozzi “Because – he recalled – cost increase We will see this especially in the next year, for example, the cost of supplies will be added to the bills. And on PNRR too – he said – a closer comparison is needed because we have huge difficulties in contracting out the form of projects on a fixed term basis, a difficulty that can be overcome by liberalizing the sector.
“We should be among the first to be heard by the government because, the energy crisis is undoubtedly a crisis that directly affects the citizens, but also on us, the municipalities”. The mayors of Imperia and Benevento said, Claudio Scazzola And clemente mastella After which the mayor of Arezzo intervened, Alessandro Ghinelli who “reiterated the need for unity of purpose because in this emergency environment, the municipal budget must be guaranteed with respect to low revenues”. “I suggest pushing with the government to achieve a direct transfer of resources to municipalities without passing through the area”.
Finally, the mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci: “We need to raise the alert. With the new government we must immediately enter emergency mode and ask municipalities, provinces and territories to set up a standing table as has been done with the COVID emergency”. “These will be difficult months for all and it has to be recorded in the public vocabulary that municipalities are on par with families and businesses in emergencies”.
During the board, some important agendas were approved, including ANAC Guidelines on Contract OfficersAle ‘Progress of work on PNRR projects and two documents on the situation financial And energy in municipalities

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