Signs against Brexit: Scots hoist EU flag instead of “Union Jack”

Signs against Brexit: Scots hoist EU flag instead of

Signs against Brexit
Scots raised EU flag instead of “Union Jack”

Brexit is met with widespread opposition in Scotland and encourages the demand for independence. The government in Edinburgh is now sending more than a clear signal: Instead of hanging the EU flag, the United Kingdom flag comes from the mast.

In the controversy over a new independence referendum, Scotland sends a new tip against the British government. In addition to the Scottish flag, the European Union flag is constantly waving at government buildings, but not the British “Union Jack”. Scotland no longer belongs to the European Union after Brexit and is still part of the United Kingdom.

The regional government said in Edinburgh, “The EU flag is waving to reflect the overwhelming vote of the Scottish people to stay in Europe and symbolize solidarity with the hundreds of EU citizens who continue to call Scotland their home . ” . The British flag is hoisted only on “certain dates and occasions”.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for a second referendum on independence from Britain. In 2014, a slim majority of residents rejected a detachment. However, at the time, Great Britain was still a member of the EU.

Sturgeon is now arguing that conditions on Britain’s exit from the European Union changed. In the 2016 Brexit vote, Scotland explicitly voted to remain in the European Union. London rejects a new poll, but most Scots have been in favor of independence for months.

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