Simonetta Somaruga attends climate talks in London

Simonetta Somaruga attends climate talks in London

On Sunday, international negotiators discussed in London about the World Climate Summit in the autumn. Simonetta Somaruga also participated.

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  • The United Nations World Climate Conference will take place in Glasgow in the autumn.
  • The negotiators prepared for this on Sunday in London.
  • Environment Minister Simonetta Somaruga also attended the meeting.

Alok Sharma, the elected president of this year’s United Nations World Climate Conference, has called on his international interlocutors to openly discuss climate policy. Participants in the preliminary climate talks on Sunday and Monday in London “should not be afraid to act on differences”.

Someone had to seize the opportunity so that everyone could leave the meeting with “a clear vision of the end results” of the planned climate conference. And with the intention of achieving this, Sharma said according to a press release.

The United Nations World Climate Conference Cop26 is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland in November. Last year it was postponed due to the pandemic. The meeting is considered an important milestone in reaching agreements on the concrete and implementation of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement.

Delegates from more than 50 countries should focus on how the climate summit can lead to success. The main focus here is on concrete implementation of measures to achieve the 1.5 degree climate target. Many countries have adopted targets to reduce their climate-damaging emissions. However, so far, you’re not really doing enough to get it on time.

Simonetta Somaruga also attended the meeting

Swiss Environment Minister Simonetta Somaruga also attended the meeting. Alok Sharma asked Somaruga and Rwanda’s Environment Minister, Joan of Arc Mujawamaria to contribute at the ministerial level. The Environment Department (UVEK) announced this on Sunday. They must work to ensure that all countries set their climate targets for the same year.

Switzerland is striving for uniform and clear rules to apply to all countries, writes Uwek. Simonetta Somaruga informed other environment ministers about the bilateral climate agreements signed by Switzerland with Peru, Ghana and Senegal. The agreement shows Switzerland that such rules are possible in the interest of both countries.

Simonetta Somaruga held bilateral talks with Alok Sharma and Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment Svenung Rottvatn ahead of the conference.

First meeting on site after a long time

Following several online discussions, the meeting in London is the first in a long time to be attended by the country’s representatives in person. To enable more nations to have their say, participants can also connect digitally.

The Paris climate agreement aims to limit global warming to below two degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. In addition, everything must be done to prevent the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

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