Snoop Dogg crazy for Celtic: “Champagne and Indian food if they win the championship”

Snoop Dogg crazy for Celtic:

With Rangers six points clear in Glasgow’s eternal challenge for Scottish title, British Championship sees Celtic Watching the final race led by Ange Postecoglu supported for the title. Looking forward to the season finale, there are already people who are throwing a party in case of Hoops’ success: snoop dogg,

The American rapper is, in fact, a supporter of Celtic, ready to drive himself crazy in terms of success in the Scottish Premiership. Snoop Dogg’s schedule? Indian food and champagne in Glasgow ahead of the expected 52nd Championship.

Interviewed by the Daily Record, Snoop Dogg said he is excited for the next period:

“My Boys haven’t made the title yet, but they are getting closer to success after the win against Rangers. Snoop hasn’t booked the ticket yet, but the passport is already safe. As soon as they are champions ‘You can make sure I fly to Glasgow’.

Calvin Cordozer Broadus Jr., known around the world as Snoop Dogg since the 1990s, has been a Celtic fan since the turn of the millennium, ever since he was given a green and white shirt. Since then, he has often been seen wearing his tunic. Now he can’t wait to celebrate with the players.

“The night is about to come and all they want to do is, spy it. We’ll let the champagne flow. I also love Indian food and have always found the best curries in the UK. So if there’s a good Indian restaurant in Glasgow, we can start the night there and I’ll rent the whole place.”

In the past, there was also talk of Snoop Dogg’s possible arrival in the company as an investor with Celtic fans and his passion following the Champions League success (dated 2012) against Barcelona. Now, the passport is ready and fingers are crossed for the last half of the season. Curry and Champagne.

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