SNP Wins in Scotland and Wants Freedom – Politics

SNP Wins in Scotland and Wants Freedom - Politics

The day after the election, a video of Glasgow went viral in Scotland, in which a woman with red-haired redheads harassed Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The woman’s name is Jayda Franson, a highly right-wing Scottish politician who has often drawn attention when it comes to harassment, has been convicted several times for insults and such. The video shows how she literally chases Sturgeon in front of a polling station south of Glasgow, shaking the picture, talking to Franson Sturgeon, using terms like “mass immigration” and “Marxism” , Some people join in, but Sturgeon: calmly goes on his way. In the middle Sturgeon pauses to say in a calm tone, “You are a fascist, you are a racist, and the people here in the south of Glasgow will reject you.” Franson keeps talking for a while, then gives up.

The video was once published by Nicola Sturgeon herself, see, that was her message, how I am, a woman of clear words, and how clear her words can be, will be the main focus in the next five years. Will the United Kingdom be separated after three centuries? This question was asked several times recently, with concern or hope, depending on the point of view. The regional elections in Great Britain, which began on Thursday and the results were counted until Saturday, therefore created more excitement than regional elections, which are usually outside their borders.

Scotland and England have been united since 1707, but Nicola Sturgeon never made it a secret to the fact that she felt Scotland would be stronger without England. Even during his studies, the now 50-year-old joined organizations standing for the independence of Scotland. If Sturgeon’s party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), wins an absolute majority, it will demand another referendum, and given the clear majority behind it, one will see if the government in London actually rejects it May; He was the starting point. This did not turn out at all, and one might assume that from now on there would be a debate as to what this meant.

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As expected, Lawyer Sturgeon was reelected as Scotland’s “First Minister” by a large margin, but this was not enough for an absolute majority. The SNP won 64 seats out of 129 in Parliament – hence one seat was missing. However, the Greens won eight seats and they also want Scotland to leave the state, which is why Lorna Slater, one of the Greens’ two party leaders, said it was a clear Scottish citizens vote for independence on Saturday evening. And one against Boris Johnson and his Brexit, even if Lorna Slater didn’t say so.

The election in Scotland was one of several elections in the United Kingdom in recent times, as well as several local elections in England. In Liverpool, Labor politician Joan Anderson was the first black woman to be elected mayor of a British city, but otherwise: usually won without the inclusion of Boris Johnson in the ballot, England is not Scotland. Johnson’s party, the Conservative Tories, also won a by-election, a constituency called Hartlepool, which has been Labor-dominated since its founding in the 1970s. The fact that even there conservatives have now won, at least for Johnson, is unconfirmed that many English people prefer the way he and his party govern.

Confirming this, Johnson, who is not otherwise suffering from a lack of confidence, spoke on Saturday. Wire“It was also about Scotland,” Johnson said, adding that “a referendum would be irresponsible and inconsistent” under the circumstances. On the other hand, Nicola Sturgeon had insisted a few days earlier that she would not hold a “wild referendum”, without the mandatory approval of a London government, but on Saturday evening she also explained how she interpreted the election result: As to the approval of the population for their issue.

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So she will now “distribute”, Sturgeon said. It is about “fundamental democratic principles”, moreover: blocking another referendum would mean “ignoring the will of the majority of the Scottish population”. A reasonably narrow majority, one would have to add. How close, Boris Johnson should make an accurate calculation in the next few days.


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