Solazzo: “Green investing deserves a green mindset”

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Intervention / The story of Act Blades in Brindisi, ie the still persistent difficulty of activating the process and indicating the site for the production of wind turbine blades with innovative technology by the end of the year, so that the same company can sign the relevant contract The development, along with Invitalia to avoid the loss of public subsidies, is emblematic of the myriad contradictions of this southern region, which is desperately seeking social and economic redemption, but which still does not highlight the complexities that institutional opportunities have to offer. Can be resolved clearly by resorting to and summary policy. The publicized appeal by the Scottish company to the Territorial Reconciliation Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Minister for the South for authorization to start the production site is yet another demonstration of how in the face of reservations imposed by region, responsibility And the recurring appeals of the regional CISL for reconciliation, addressed to the Zeiss commissioner, the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea, the Puglia region, the municipality and other bodies involved in the authorization process, so far seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

We hope that the envisaged short time frame for government intervention will unblock a clearly unacceptable and illogical situation for a sector that should prove increasingly attractive in terms of productive investment and additional job opportunities, especially for young people. One must allow oneself to be free. From the need to run away somewhere to meet the expectations of your life and work.

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In the specific case of Act Blade, beyond questions of a logical nature and the interrelationship of vetoes and vetoes currently considered inaccessible, we continue to look at the expectations of workers in this sector, involved in an era like no other. deserve to be. Ecological transition that will affect every productive sector, private and public, in our country.

In short, Brindisi is called upon to imbue itself with the intangible resource of hospitality, to develop an awareness that various production opportunities do not accept for a long time and, above all, to convince itself that geographical and Infrastructural features like Italy in a country with a coastal development of about 8 thousand km. It is unlikely that the investment capital can go anywhere else.

In general, it should not be overlooked that the resources of the PNR are conditioned to the attainment of tasks in well-defined times, which require the speed of decisions, planning and construction sites.

slogan, once again, only teamwork, acting with unity of purpose, can avert the economic and institutional bankruptcy of the entire Brindisi system, increasing the chance of a social agreement with which institutions, public bodies, municipal administration, social forces are involved to make the city a truly centers strategic energy for the country

It should not be underestimated that renewable energy generation companies are pouring economic resources into this, as demonstrated by the planned investment by Falk Renewables and the opportunity offered by further investments by similar companies that have established projects off the Brindisi coast. Focused on production.

Act Blade, in this perspective, is therefore perceived as a useful opportunity to create a strategic and shared model of innovative relations, which meanwhile makes the production condition already owed by the company but itself a paradigm confirms as. Unity of intent and social cohesion, open to any investment opportunity greens And not only, as ultimately making Brindisi and its region excellent accommodation and extremely competitive in the European and Mediterranean panorama.

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Gianfranco Solazzo

Secretary General Cisl Taranto Brindisi


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