Spain apologizes to Catalan separatists jailed at Sanchez prison. Supreme Court: “Unacceptable”

  Spain apologizes to Catalan separatists jailed at Sanchez prison.  Supreme Court:

Catalan politicians in jail Referendum Sectarian 2017 may soon return to independence. Spanish premiere Pedro Sanchez He clearly expressed his intention to grant clemency by appealing to constitutional values ​​of “consent and understanding”. His words provoked the anger of the opposition and he was met Skepticism By some of its colleagues Party Socialist. But the most severe rejection comes cut Supreme, Which considers the idea as “unacceptable”.

Sanchez He wasted no time and started working a few days after the start of the mandate. Pere Aragonese As the president of Catalonia. Objectives of New Executive The regional is always the same: Common apology For “political prisoners” Referendum Agreed with the state on the Scottish style. The second point will be addressed by the top Dialog table, A round table between Madrid And independence parties; For the former, however, the preferred method is Pardon. Unlike forgiveness, which cancels Crime, Will maintain political incompetence and restore freedom to prisoners due to penalty waivers.

This is a message from the executive The initial Who wants to confirm the democratic character of the country Spain, Is often compared by compared Separatists Catalan To Turkey As for suppression of internal opponents. because of this reason Sanchez He asked for an understanding of the opposition, remembering when he supported the government of 2017. Mariano Rajoy In response to the referendum because “it was a question of the state”. But answer Pablo married, leader of Popular, Was cruel: “Coup has no value Constitution“He wrote on Twitter.

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Nothing compared to a wide slate of Supreme court, Who unanimously spoke of “unacceptable solutions”. For Judges – Including Manuel Marchena, who led Process – There is no argument that justifies forgiveness. In any case: nor as a president of 9 to 13 years jail sentence for treason, Republican left Oriole Junqueras, nor for the three who did not end up in jail, but were incompetent Disobedience. One of the grounds for forgiveness is that repentance comes from those who condemn it, but it does not. Who has spoken as the President of the Omnium Association? Jordi cuxart, He reiterated that he will do it all again as he believes that he has done nothing Illegal.

Lesson of cut Supreme It is not binding but limits the application of forgiveness, which can only be Partial. Options on the table for the government Sanchez So there are two: reduce wing, Most likely, or switch it. The decision was set for the summer, but there is talk of a possible advance. Now it’s up to the ministry The justice Expand an offer and send it The cabinet, Which will take Decision The end. Even before search It had protested, signaling the pardon as a “bargaining chip for parliamentary support”.

the same Peers Socialists They are not convinced about the choice of Sanchez And their fear Voters May give negative feedback. Pre premiere Felipe Gonzalez He declared that in these “situations” he would not pardon and so did the presidents of Castile and La Mancha. Emiliano Garcia-Page. The only one who has expressed himself in favor so far is another former Prime Minister, Jose Luis Zapatero: “We have to do the things that really matter, thinking in the common interest and not in the short term. Democracy – he said – should take the initiative, otherwise what do we want to do? Do we want to go back to the 2017 lesson Huh?”.

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