Spartacco Pupo is the only Italian scholar at the University of Cambridge symposium

Spartaco Pupo

Rende (CS) – Spartacus Pupo, Associate Professor of the History of Political Theory of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Calabria, On 20 July it will participate in an important international scientific symposium promoted by the University of Cambridge Cambridge University Library, in collaboration with Northumbria University, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Lawrence Stern Trust, on the topic “Form, Media, Digitization: Adaptation in Stern, Sterniana and Beyond”.

event, in which Unical’s professor will participate as the only Italian scholar, is part of the “Stern Digital Library” research project, inspired by the drawings of Lawrence Stern, one of the most influential British authors of the eighteenth century, and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the British Research Council that supported the study does. Science in Humans.

Spartaco Pupo, one of the world’s greatest interpreters of David Hume, invited by Cambridge guest speaker, along with eight other scholars from European and American universities, Will deliver lectures on Literature and Politics, titled: David Hume in Satirical Literary Imitation and Politics: The Case of “Sister Pegg”, a subject that takes its cues from his latest research on Hume as the “man of letters”, friends of famous writers such as Stern and Smollett, a brand new figure who rises above all “satire writing”, which is translated and Published is Professor Pupo himself for the types of publisher Juvennes (Milan, 2020), in which the great Scottish thinker mocks the most powerful politicians of his time.

The seminar, which was to be held in attendance at Cambridge last year, will be online Tuesday 20 July from 11.00.

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