SPD nominates Natalie Pavlik for federal election

SPD nominates Natalie Pavlik for federal election

The Western Waiterrau, including Rannstadt, Wolfersheims, Reichelsheim and Mungenburg, was once a safe palace for SPD members of the Bundestag. By 1987, George Schlaga went to Bonn several times as an elected direct candidate. Christian Schwarz-Schilling, then Buddingen’s Christian Democratic ex-officio minister, pursued his mandate from him. It was not until 1998 that Nina Hauer was able to obtain a direct mandate for the SPD. Hauer made a career in Berlin until in 2009 Christian Democrat Lucy Putrich took his parliamentary mandate from Nida. Hauer now lives in Berlin as a teacher, while Putrich exchanged his Bundestag mandate for a ministerial position in the Hessian state government. In 2013, First District Councilor Ossin Veith (CDU) went to Berlin after being unable to collect enough votes in direct elections from the Vatero population. Because he was able to become a board member of the OVAG Utility Company in January 2020, Oswin Veith assigned the Veterau parliamentary mandate to Burt Siebert from Goodensburg in northern Hesse, which is unknown here.

On September 26, the card will be reshuffled. Natalie Pavelic, 28, of Bad Nauheim competed in the constituency 177 with former Bad Nauheim mayor Armin Hasser (56, CDU) for the Bundestag mandate. It is awarded by 196,000 qualified voters. It is still unclear who is running for the Greens. (Knee)

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