Special events in the cinema. trailer

 Special events in the cinema.  trailer

While art collectors prefer Eijk and Rose-Marie de Mol van OtterlooAmerican Thomas Kaplan and Scotsman Duke of Bukeluch They show off their special bond with “their” Rembrandts, the banker Eric de Rothschild A bitter political battle between the Rijksmuseum and the Louvre breaks out, putting two Rembrandts up for sale. The film also follows the elite Dutch art dealer. January six Two “new” paintings by Rembrandt are on their way: a nerve-wracking journey of discovery that seems to make their biggest childhood dream come true. But when he is accused of violating an agreement with another art dealer, his world collapses. Following all these stories, “My Rembrandt” shows what makes the work of the Dutch painter so special and why his works touch people so deeply. Following the success of the award-winning documentary “The New”, the director of “Rijksmuseum” (2014), ok hugendijko, once again tackles a great topic about art lovers and a story for them to tell. The Dutch director’s documentary will hit Italian cinemas on June 6, 7, 8.

OK Hugendijk explains: «There is something curious about Rembrandt; It seems that there was such extraordinary truthfulness, sentimentality and sympathy in his work that anyone who sees one of his paintings goes in search of himself. It also made Rembrandt so special to the citizens of 17th-century Amsterdam, who lined up to portray him: Rembrandt looked beneath the surface and showed who he really was. He did not flatter his patrons, despite keeping an eye on the vanity and sophistication of the social environment he portrayed. And he ruthlessly applied this method to himself. His self-portraits, especially the latter, are incredibly honest explorations of the psychological toll we pay over the course of our lives. In his latest paintings, Rembrandt is resigned. “Accept me as I am,” he seems to be saying. His way of painting makes you understand that life is not perfect and everyone has their flaws and that is what makes us human. In this way, since the 17th century, Rembrandt has erected a mirror for our contemporaries, a mirror that teases and tickles. As Taco Dibs rightly said: Rembrandt is a tribute to humanity ».

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“My Rembrandt” As part of the Nexo Digital project “La Grande Art al Cinema”, there is a Nexo Digital event in association with Peace of Magic.

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