stability that becomes a dialogue with the field

stability that becomes a dialogue with the field

Delegations from some international “guest of honour” countries, who have been the protagonists of the event since 2003, will be present at the festival, thus bringing back to Verona the traditional games and games that most remain in the city’s memory. A journey through time, an opportunity to meet the different cultures that have existed in Toccata over twenty years, such as the regions of Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Iran, Mexico, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary.

there will be a focus on sustainability, which has always been at the center of the Toccata universe: since 2015, in fact, the Festival has been certified ISO 20121, an international and optional certification that provides third-party verification of compliance with the management system. The union that manages the organization of the event. “The ancient sports federation, which organizes Tocata together with the Municipality of Verona, has immediately prepared, and gradually updated, a document of public commitment to a sustainable development policy – Lorenzo Orlandi, owner of Locome. Says, Studio Consulting which has been following Tocat for six years with regard to ISO 20121 certification -. Since 2015 we have established, with the indicators, the achievement of objectives in the economic, social and environmental sector and the various functions of the festival Measuring the impact generated by it, always trying to better ourselves ».

Over time they Tocat. have joined Multiple partners on sustainability issues And that led to the creation of a “play smart” area in Piazza Bra. For some years the focus has been on the 2030 Agenda. “I think it was really innovative – says Orlandi – to bring the game to consistency, because it allows you to communicate with different audiences: while children play with consistency the same is explained to adults. Is.”

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Affirmation that sustainability doesn’t just focus on the environment The small, but large, meditations performed by the Tocat in the various areas of the festival: the choice of venues, the care of the spaces, the reopening of closed spaces to the public and their return to the citizens, as in the case of the Palazzo Forti in the 2021 edition, but also for the Giarina, home of the evening theatre, or Riva returned to the game, freed from the cars in San Lorenzo, as well as the squares. A fixture that communicates with the field.

«Let’s not forget that Toccata is also, and above all, a cultural festival – the conclusion of Orlandy – and the dissemination of culture is a theme that is fully part of sustainable development as a building of shared value. The participation of volunteers, meetings, forums, exhibitions, the commitment to keep alive the traditions of ancient sports that otherwise would have disappeared should not be overlooked. In recent years we have taken many small steps, make the most of Tokata’s cultural impact and strive to minimize environmental impact. We will continue to work in this direction.



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