Starr tries to revive Labor (but there are thorns in favor of Scotland and unions)

Starmer Labour

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British politics continues despite Kovid. yesterday And More than 3 million British people have been vaccinated, but the infectious and traumatic situation is particularly worrying in London and the south of the country, where hospitals are nearly collapsing.

In this context, Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir is trying to work to restore starrer labor which is a credible force for the country’s government. However, the Labor leader faced considerable controversy when the head of the Scottish Labor – the Scottish branch of the party – Richard Leonard resigned yesterday to put an end to speculation about his possible replacement before the election. For Holyrood scheduled for next May. Labor is in trouble in Scotland: it fielded a single MP from Edinburgh to Westminster in 2019, and its fall provoked the sail of nationalists who have almost the same amount of Labor as the Social Democratic voters. Only in 2010 did Labor achieve 40 MPs in Horrod, with unanimous erosion continuing.

Sir Keer, who has repeatedly criticized John’s government for handling the epidemic, is bringing the party back to the center of the British political system. With the Brexit vote he ended the years of internal party division, accepting the outcome of the referendum, of which he himself was one of the fiercest protesters, adding that the relationship between Britain and the EU with him do not very. Redefining Labor patriotism, the former Crown Attorney General is trying to disrupt the vote – particularly between workers and skilled labor – that went to Johnson in the last election. In the Red Wall in particular, Corbyn collapsed badly due to unfair political proposals. Although it must be said that since the end of New Labor, it has been believed that the Labor consensus has always been falling in that area.

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Of particular significance this week was the election of Christina McAnna as head of Unison, Britain’s largest union. Starr supported him throughout his campaign, which became necessary after the resignation of former central leader Dave Prentice, who supported Sir Keer in the race for the leadership of the party. The media insisted that McAnayy was the first woman to head the union in Britain. Another labor-affiliated union, Unite, may soon see some turmoil at its apex. Len McAlusky was a big supporter of Corbyn, and his union is one of Labor’s main financiers. His term expires in 2022 and became a member of the preferred secretariat, Steve Turner, who heads the faction of Left United. Turner is certainly not a “Starmerian”, but sits on the executive body of the movement, the National Executive Committee of the Labor Party. Since Starr is the leader, however, Unite has cut the funds allocated to Labor by 10% in a dispute with the party’s new centrist leadership.

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