State collapse as collateral damage?

State collapse as collateral damage?

Gordon Brown am 12. Mai in London 2019
Picture: dpa

Without reforms, Britain threatened to become a “failed state”, writes Gordon Brown. The fact that Scots in particular are dissatisfied with “London” has to do with Brexit, not only.

DThe cap is strong stuff: Without fundamental reforms, Britain threatened to become a “failed state”, writes former Prime Minister Brown. Citizens have lost their faith in the way they are controlled by the “London elite”. Yes, the Browns are Scottish (who struggled against secession in 2014), and resentment towards “London” is particularly high in Scotland.

There is much to do, but not only with Brexit, which most voters in the northern part of the country voted for. Now that the evacuation is complete, Scottish nationalists are again giving birth to a glowing sense of freedom. This is what opponents of exit from the European Union had warned of – the collapse of the state as the collateral damage of Brexit fueled by British nationalism.

Thoughtful appeals are not enough

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that even for Brexit, disagreements with elites and loss of trust in politics were used to clarify. Apparently, it is a question of structural events because they also became effective in Trump’s America.

Appeals with intentions alone will not strengthen solidarity. Kovid-19, the government’s crisis management, is another factor that weighs on it. There is a huge gap between those who predetermine the country’s fasting days and those who look on the road to thwart it. One is exaggerated perhaps as another.

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