Strap of Arabia, Scottish group in sexto ‘Enplugged’

Strap of Arabia, Scottish group in sexto 'Enplugged'

arab strap I’m the Fourth Headliner Announced Today by Festival Boutique Sexto ‘Nplugged,
Originally the historic Scottish duo of Falkirk will perform at the 17th edition on Saturday 30 July 2022 at the location of P.zza Castello, one of the oldest, most charming and rock villages in our country.

More than twenty-five years after their formation, fifteen after their dissolution and a year after their acclaimed comeback album “As Days Get Dark” (2021, Rock Action), the Scots are back in Italy for an unmatched live. arab strap,
The duo, formed by Aidan Moffat (vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton (guitar, bass, sax, piano and drum machine), was born in Falkirk in the mid-nineties and produced the debut album “The Week Never Starts Round Here”. was issued. “In 1996 with the independent label Chemical Underground with “The First Big Weekend”, a song with which he made himself known and loved internationally. After a long series of concerts, festivals, sold out, the stage also became his partner. Shared with countrymen and friends Mogwai. 6 studio albums characterized his career until 2006, when he decided to disband by giving his fans “Ten Years of Tears”, a record that featured unreleased singles and B. -Parts collects a kind of farewell letter. The separation lasts ten years: in 2016 they reunite for some live shows and rediscover ancient alchemy. In 2021 they release the seventh album, “As Days Get” Dark”, a new showcase of Scott’s incredible songwriting prowess cutting through its electro-post-rock tone, which is fully corroborated as a reference. of the independent music scene. An album that completely re-lives the essence of the couple, for a record that was both Evolution and Revolution. It appears to me: what came before, but also a bold leap into the future. In March 2022 they released two new singles: “Aphelion” and “Flutter” (two songs that did not find a place on the final record).

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arab strap enrich the concert of Sexto ‘Nplugged Which has already announced three headliners in recent weeks that confirm some of the festival’s essential features: musical experimentation, genre research and unconventional choices, making it one of our country’s reference points for quality music, Always host it in full respect of the environment.
There are other names on the bill, in fact: multidisciplinary French artist Woodkid — who will give us an epic live show on July 23 (read the press release here) — and two world-renowned international artists, the indie-American icon of Rock Cat Power — who featured in From Italy to the northeast will stage the festival on Tuesday 21 June – and the charismatic Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel who will enchant the medieval village on 29 July (read the full press release here with all the details).
The small and precious medieval village of Sesto al Reghena, located within natural places of rare beauty in the province of Pordenone, has a long history dating back to the Bronze Age and is known above all for the complex of the Abbey of Santa Maria. Silvis, founded in 730-735. It was chosen as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy for the architecture of the place, its ancient history and the magnificent natural area in which it is immersed.

Sesto al Reghena is an inclusive and multi-faceted space, dedicated to music, art and culture in all its forms, capable of forming a magical, insoluble and mutual bond with the artists it hosts every year.
The event is supported by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Promo Turismo FVG and the Friuli Foundation.

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Furthermore, from the collaboration between Sexto ‘Nplugged and the Far East Film Festival (the largest European event dedicated to Asian popular cinema), a truly unmissable event is born: pianist, composer, producer Midori Hirano on Saturday 23 April at 21.00 will perform. Visionario di Udine Phase – Pre-sale is already active at and at Visionario’s cash desk.


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