Sturgeon charged, Dream of an independent Scotland at risk

Sturgeon charged, Dream of an independent Scotland at risk

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is overwhelmed by a political scandal that could not only end her career, but also undermine her dream of an independent Scotland.

Unknown on elections

Elections for the renewal of the Holyrode parliament will take place in a few weeks and the hope was a victory for the Scottish National Party (SNP), which, according to the chief, would force the London government to hold another referendum on independence. However, the SNP is contesting the elections due to the ongoing political brawl and may force Sturgeon to resign.

It’s loading…

Almond, a heavy predecessor

Controversy Alex Salmond, a former SLP leader and charismatic giant of Scottish politics, accused of sexual harassment, and Sturgeon, his former daughter, chose him as head of the party. The premier is alleged to have mislead parliament to know when and how much he knows of the storm that hit Salmond’s head. If the charges are proved, Sturgeon will be held guilty of breaking the code of conduct and will have to resign.

“Leaks” on commission’s decision

On Friday, the news filtered out that the parliamentary committee accused of looking at the tangled skeleton spoke out against the premier: 5 out of 4 deputies would be convinced that the version of events from Sturgeon to Parliament was not entirely true. is. The commission’s final report will be published on Tuesday 23 and the advances have not been confirmed.

Stone pelting

The usual chief, the militant, immediately accused his political enemies that he prevented the leak to harm him. The Commission has nine members: 4 from the SNP, two Conservatives, one Labor, one Liberal Democrat and one Independent. “It is clear that members of the commission who are part of the opposition have decided before hearing a word of my statement,” he said yesterday. We await the final report but above all the decisions of James Hamilton if I have violated the Ministerial Code or not ยป.

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