Sturgeon insists: “After Covid, the goal is Scottish independence”

Nicola Sturgeon
The goal of a second referendum on Scotland’s secession from Britain remains at the heart of the Scottish National Party (SNP) programme, which is aimed at calling it by the British Tory central government – ​​not unlike so far from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. – As soon as the covid emergency is “over”, in intentions without constitutional tears and possibly in late 2023 or 2024.
This was reiterated by the leader of the Independence Party, and the first of Scottish local government, today speaking by videoconference at the SNP Congress (or annual convention), held in digital format for the second consecutive year due to the pandemic.


Nicola Sturgeon argued that the confirmation of her party’s primacy in the Scottish administrative elections last May represented “an unquestionable mandate” for a referendum following its 2014 defeat.
“In the election campaign we said the pandemic comes first, but when the Covid crisis is passed, the choice on independence will be returned to the people of Scotland”.
The SNP and the Edinburgh government, he assured, would make “every effort” to reach an agreed consultation with London, but “it is clear that democracy must prevail” and the second vote – after Brexit – “must do so”. Happen”.

Brexit, in Sturgeon’s view, remains “an unacceptable and unforgivable act”, which he says has led to, among other things, a “shortage” in the supply of certain products to supermarkets in Scotland as well as the rest of the state. are cases. So the Scottish First Minister also argued with the Johnson government on social policy. While he renewed commitment to Edinburgh’s “greening” policy after a local coalition formed with the Scottish Greens, raised alarm over climate change as a final call for the planet within weeks of an international climate conference scheduled under the British presidency. Glasgow At the end of November, he promised hospitality in Scotland for refugees fleeing Afghanistan after the return of the Taliban to power.

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