Submarine cables damaged in France and Scotland: an eye on Russia

Submarine cables damaged in France and Scotland: an eye on Russia

Different submarine fiber cable which connects Europe with Asia, the United States and other regions of the world cut off the Mediterranean coast of FranceThe outage caused problems with network and Internet connections in various regions, particularly in terms of speed and latency on applications hosted on foreign servers.

Local authorities are busy reconstructing the facts, with technicians waiting for the police to conclude the investigation before proceeding to restore the leak. The damage included the following lines:

  • Marseille – Lyon
  • Marseille – Milano
  • Marseille – Barcelona

The situation appears to be improving: the first line – connecting Marseille to Lyon – has been restored, while work on Marseille – Barcelona and Marseille – Milano, Although the investigation is ongoing both locally and globally, trying Identify the reason for this deduction,

The Russian submarine sabotaging the cables in the south of France is just a fantasy.

There are people who don’t make out a Russia’s participationwho may be employed submarines deployed in the Mediterranean to sabotage the network to create a web blackout (in that area it also passes New cable – the longest in the world – which starts from Genoa and travels around Africa until reaching England). There is still no clear evidence that this is the reasonBut still seriously considered, The escalating conflict between Moscow and the West, Furthermore, in recent days, France had already expressed concerns about the safety of its submarine cables, which were considered a potential target of Russian attack after sabotage on the Nord Stream.

Furthermore, because another line was broken at the same time, in this case Among the Scottish Highlands, Orkney Islands and shetlandAnd this the state of being at the same time Two of the episodes have confirmed the hypothesis that the Kremlin may in fact be behind these attacks. This second case has isolated the Shetlands for some time, the “chance” being that when the leak was found technicians were working for another submarine outage, this time between the Shetlands and the Faroe Islands.

accidental damage, it has been said, and it is by no means ruled out that it cannot in fact be. It is certain that this relevance between the south of France and the north of Scotland raises some further doubts. According to Faroese officials, the responsibility may lie with the gods. fishing boat Who inadvertently cut the cable of the submarine. ,But it’s very rare to have two problems at the same time“Admitted Faroese telecommunications infrastructure manager Paul Westurbo.

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