‘Succession’ the powerful and ironic series about a wealthy New York family

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Jesse ArmstrongMILF Producer succession Describes the winning key of the series as follows:

I love to inspire audiences to appreciate disgusting characters

It is an award winning American series that premiered in 2018 with 20 episodes and 2 seasons. Third coming soon, in Italy Sky.

what is the tv series about succession

The series begins with the 80th birthday of its president, the patriarch. Logan Roy, A self-made man who seems to be about to leave his empire under the management of one of his sons in the first episode, Kendall. A passing of the baton that will not go as expected. Because, in fact, the patriarch does not want to leave the throne, and during the course of the series he will continue to test his four children.

The success of this series between reality and fantasy

The power of the plot lies entirely in the writing of the characters, never stereotypes, and in the dialogues that are always brilliant to the right point and that help the audience understand the intentions and fragility of the characters.

The series was born from an old script armstrong, who wrote a satirical plot based on the Australian-American tycoon in 2010 Rupert Murdoch and other heads of communications firms.

succession Therefore, it is a series that allows you to go beyond what you see and what may seem pure fantasy. The series, in fact, apart from turning the story of politics and family disagreements into an almost dramatic masterpiece, also explores the very delicate moment of transition that we are all experiencing. The media and means of communication are becoming more complex day by day and consequently, the management of the incoming news is also “filtered” by the power and power of those in authority.

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series cast succession

Brian Cox, Scottish Actor Member of the Distinguished Royal Shakespeare Company, is the interpreter of patriarchy Logan Roy. He won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Leading Role for this role. Along with him, among other artists Alan Ruck, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Matthew McFadden, Natalie Gould, Nicholas Braun, Peter Friedman, Rob Yang I Sarah Snook.

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cox He also spoke about his character in these words:

Logan is one of a kind Ray Lear, but who has no intention of truly loving his children. He doesn’t really consider him as his successor, he sees him as bad and unfit for his successor.

arriving Succession 3

As mentioned, the third season will come Sky, in autumn.

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