Summary, Scoreboard, Slow Motion and Match Reports

Summary, Scoreboard, Slow Motion and Match Reports

Valid matches for the second day of Euro 2020 Group D between England and Scotland at Wembley Stadium: summary, scoreboard, results, slow motion and live news

pride of Scotland Hurt’England, which does not break during 90 minutes in front of the home crowd at Wembley. The Three Lions hit a post in the first half, while the Scots are close to scoring in the second half. The challenge was played mostly in midfield, with lots of doubles, as well as the intensity of the fielding by both teams. England and the Czech Republic are now leading by 4 points, followed by Scotland and Croatia with one point.

Summary England Scotland 0-0 film

to start! Lahoj starts the British derby between England and Scotland!

1 immediately down shaw – Dykes takes off too high and hits Shaw in the side with suffocating, raging weather.

4 Scotland Opportunities – Triangle on the right flank with O’Donnell putting it back for Adams, his right blocked by the Stones.

12 stone pillar! – Corner kick for the English beaten by Foden, Stones frees himself from the marking and hits a sure shot hitting his head with the post!

16 yellow for McGuin – The Scottish midfielder turned yellow for protests following a clash between Adams and Mings.

Super Pickford on 30′ O’Donnell – Cross from Band to Band of Scotland from Robertson to O’Donnell, who kicks at the far post but finds Pickford’s reflection.

45 No recovery, 1st half ends 0-0. Balanced challenge with one opportunity on each side.

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46′ Starts 0-0 at Wembley Stadium. No change for two technicians.

48 ‘mount from outside’ – England close to the second half, locking Scotland in their penalty area. Mount concludes from a long maneuver, with Marshall deflecting for a corner.

62 Very topical Scotland! – Carrom ball on the right side of the dykes on the development of a corner that hits the net and finds James’ head on the line

63 England Substitution – Outside of Foden, inside Grealish.

74 England Substitution – Out of Kane, in Rashford.

76 ‘Scotland Substitution’ – Outside Gilmour, Inside Armstrong.

85 ‘Scotland Substitution’ – Outside Adams, inside Nisbet.

88 ‘Scotland Alert’ – Lahoj waved yellow to O’Donnell.

Lahoj decided to take a recovery of 2 minutes.

90+1 Invasion Englandault – The last prank in Scottish territory, England tried everything in confusion. After a series of rebounds, Scotland’s defense was swept away.

Triple whistle at Wembley, a very balanced match between England and Scotland.

Man of the Match: Hanley Report Card

England Scotland 0-0: Results and Match Report


England (4-2-3-1): Pickford; James, Stones, Mings, Shaw; Rice, Phillips; Stirling, Mount, Foden (63′ Grealish); Kane (74′ Rashford). CT: Southgate

Scotland (3-5-2): Marshal; Hanley, Tierney, McTominay; O’Donnell, McGinn, McGregor, Gilmour (76′ Armstrong), Robertson; Dykes, Adams (85′ Nisbet). CT: Clark

Advice: 16′ McGuin, 88′ O’Donnell



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