Switzerland lifts Austria, Covid restrictions from March 5

Switzerland lifts Austria, Covid restrictions from March 5

M5S, tension on Green Pass. Conte Malpancisti: “No leaks ahead”

The Green Pass is yet another open front within the 5 Star Movement: an M5S, while the Chamber is discussing the extension of the state of emergency, finds itself divided over whether the green equipment Whether or not to verify the certificate in an anti-covid key. During the group’s gathering with Giuseppe Conte, convened on the Zoom platform early in the morning, there are several critical voices asking the star-studded parliamentary team to end the restrictive measures.

From Mauro Coltorti to Federica Diani, from Gabriele Lorenzoni to Antonella Papiro, David Zanicelli, Marco Bella, Alberto Zolezzi and others passing through M5S ‘spokesmen’: the pressure is mounting to loosen the trap of sanctions and send the tops into the attic. Movement’s ranks pass Super Green.

“We are in a position of law where there is no discrimination, we have created an infinite social tension. This is not a fight that can be left to the league”, said Kopasir Diény, the vice president of strikes that worked and public. Reinforced Green Passes for transportation are opposed. The discussion is sometimes in a bright tone. “I cannot accept that the government sets the line for the M5S”, for example attacks deputy Patrizia Terzoni. ” The M5S should have a clear political line. Outside the building they say that we have become the doormat of the Democratic Party and Hope. Why does Celery turn to TV to defend Asha’s line? Hopefully will go there to defend it.”

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Criticism of the Deputy Health Minister Grillino also comes from his colleague, Senator Pietro Lorefis: “On January 25, Celeri made a terrifying statement: ‘To protect the Italians we will make life difficult without vaccination’. I find myself in these statements.” Do not recognize, I refute so many statements of Celery.” A ‘friendly fire’ to which Pierpaolo Sileri himself is compelled to answer: “To defend the line of Hope to me on TV? The line is not that of Hope but that of the Government”, countered by Cielieri, who replied to Lorefis. Continues: “He has some problems understanding what I said…, who threatens to kill, who thinks will be microchipped, who send pills to immunological aides…”. The deputy minister’s anger doesn’t stop here: “Before you talk and play with numbers, be careful. Because there are people entitled to do so, to whom we turn. I don’t think we are better than WHO. When we think we are better than others, we ca…”.


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