Tampons and sanitary towels should be available free of charge in public buildings

Tampons and sanitary towels should be available free of charge in public buildings

Free tampons and sanitary towels may soon be available in Potsdam. Four parliamentary groups in the city council have made a similar resolution, viz. “Marquis Allgemine” (MAZ) report. It provides for the distribution of free menstrual products in at least 25 public buildings such as secondary schools, administrative buildings or swimming pools in the state capital Potsdam. According to MAZ, Lord Mayor Mike Schubert (SPD) will be assigned the task at a city council meeting in early November. The city administration should then be responsible for costs and purchases.

The initiative was brought about by the local group of voters “Die Andere”, the SPD, the Greens and the Left. Bettina Franke from “Die Party” joined the proposal. Angela Rosler from the voter group “Die Andere” explained to MAZ that the application should guarantee more than just a basic provision: “Last but not least, it is also about the removal of taboos from the period and about social justice.” The SPD said: “We want public facilities to automatically set up required offers – as many, especially women-run, catering facilities are already doing”. Since applicants have a combined two-thirds vote on the city council, the resolution is considered certain.

Potsdam would not be the first German city to make such a proposal. In Hmm, the Municipal Traffic Light Coalition, on the initiative of an SPD member of parliament, decided to purchase machines to provide sanitation products for free. There are also international role models in Scotland and New Zealand for the free distribution of monthly hygiene products.

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