Tari rise, who is at risk – Libero Cotidiano

The rise of the star, who is at risk - Libero Cotidiano
Francesco Stores

Now do not say that it is the fault of the Romans. Because they are ruled by very incompetent people who promised miracles and then betrayed them. it seems that new Growth Of Tari, the duty on waste, which in the capital is already the highest in Italy. In words, Capital has promised to reduce it, and Ama – the municipal company that should take care of it but the results leave something to be desired – do the dirty work to encourage the boom. But there are piles of garbage everywhere. but one Rome We want to make money at the expense of families and economic operators, as if expensive bills and the cost of living in general were not enough. Nevertheless, the law establishing the date also provides for the possibility of withholding payment in the event of a disruption and is thought to increase it to capital instead, as inferred from Ama’s New Industrial Plan. Is.

“Worse than the rays”, condemns the president of the ecological association Ecoitaliasolidale, Piergiorgio Benvenuti. Today the Tari is the highest in Italy, 60 euros per family and more, “they would like to raise it again between now and 2026 to build new plants”. Yet Gualtieri had committed to reducing it to 20% by 2026. With a threatening note: the withholding of tariffs, they are filtered from the capital, confirmed, but will be fully operational only if Rome is autonomous in terms of plants. Wait and hope… Pinocchio Gualtieri’s promise was in a proposal, though limited, to the budget signed by the councillor, Silvia Scosze, with a 4% reduction in the cost of tari for families and 6% for businesses. But the immobility is total. “Meanwhile, the segregation collection is at a standstill, in fact it is moving backwards – says Benvenuti – we remind you that according to the municipal company’s six-monthly report, the segregation collection in the first half of 2022 is still 45.9%. , in the first half of 2021 it was 46.1%. , Now the “refurbishment” of the compartment is also being envisaged ».

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Congratulations to the mayor; This also means more compartments on the road, while “door to door”, the best way to enhance the differentiated, seems destined to play an increasingly marginal role. Already during the Rez administration, door to door was reduced and now with Mayor Gualtieri they would like to do worse. The mere fact that one can even conceive of an increase in Tari makes citizens furious, who are increasingly grappling with apparent economic difficulties. If anything, that tariff should be suspended, given the inefficiency of the collection service, and instead they want to continue with the bloodshed, perhaps raising it further. But how long can this horrific spectacle last in the capital? The Romans are becoming increasingly agitated: Gualtieri has been in the Campidoglio for a year. Each time he pushes the city’s clean-up goal forward by a month, but the results are dire. Before talking more money to parade users, it’s time to hear from the mayor’s voice about what he really intends to do. The waste-to-energy plant is yet to come and years will pass anyway. but today? The equation more “garbage” plus tari risk is really indigestible to the Romans.


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